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How do I contain the JOY?

There is an amazing and perfect movement of energy operating within our physical bodies that is forever palpable.....forever generative. We only have to place our attention upon and within our body to understand and feel this. I feel this has always been so....and always will be. As an individual, I have always had an ability to tune into this magnificent presence and when I contemplate the essence of this powerful life force... I am completely turned on. Think about it for a minute. We are the recipients of this astounding gift we call LIFE. How amazing is this? A gift so ever present... so forever moving... so victoriously abounding. For me, embracing this natural flow produces nothing but a joyful alive its very nature this powerful movement seems to desire expansion. How great this is. It wants to be active. This flow will sustain me forever as I vibrate and move within it .... ever constant .....sometimes to the degree that I can not contain my delight in the intense embrace of it. In this, I am discovering my limitations and I am thrilled. Yes... I am the allowing of limitations to my being alive to reveal themselves and to be worked through, and released, so that I may have more joy and well being in my life.

John Roman

We have a profound effect on one another’s body as we move forward in the flow of life. A friend asked me the other day.....”How can you always be so happy all the time?” The question struck me funny, and for a split second I felt as if I was going to have to defend my mood, for I was hearing from this fellow, a veiled demand for me to stop being happy. I responded by telling him....”I am feeling happy because in my body I feel the joy of my life!” I made a decision in the moment to not respond to his negativity! I thought to myself: I am my own authority here...I will not stop being happy when I am happy. I felt in my gut a in the moment cellular burst awakening! I will not respond to death in this moment....I will not back down....I will not play small.

Remarkably this simple encounter with another live body, provided a huge opportunity to embrace a limitation to being alive for me that I have suffered with my whole life, which sounds something like: “John you should not be”.....or “John you are not worth being”. I do not know the core origin or incident if any, that has fostered this deep ache in me, but the point is that my cells have been holding on to a feeling of rejection that no longer can be sustained in my physically immortal body. I am the letting go of, all the shame and hatred that still resides with in the cells of my physical body. Bernadeane’s expression from a People Unlimited event from months ago still echoes in my body......“Be 100% positive about your bodies ......the Greatness is already there .......Receive it”. She so amazingly inspires me to claim my right to BE in my body ....demanding the perfection that is available therein in such an exultant way.

We have to claim our power . We have to demand our joy. We can direct happiness to our bodies...and when one recognizes and fully embraces the impressionable touch and power that resonates within the body... great freedom is at hand. My physical body is meant to express this joy and abundance. Why qualify life with anything less than that. It is a treasure. It is my life. My flesh is meant to commune and bond with other like bodies.....and when I give in to that movement I am full of happiness. My body has risen up since I declared my physical immortality. I am more in tune. I am more aware. I am a healthier body. I am a richer body. I am physically immortal. I am never going to die. Death is not meant for me. I have always held in my physical body the feeling that I am not meant to suffer. I am not meant to get sick. As a little child, I remember counseling my mother on a day when she was feeling “poorly”. “Ma.....what is wrong?... what hurts?... tell me”. I felt my concern for her deep within my physical body. I don’t know from where it came....perhaps I was triggered by something in my outer world ....I do not know. But it was a real intense feeling... I felt a natural urge in my body to express my desire for something more for my mother. Thru my intention to console ....I became one flesh with my mother in my expression to her. We have the power to heal each other. James Strole speaks eloquently on this idea at almost every People unlimited meeting in some measure or another......”Who are you tonight? Why are you here? Why are you alive? What do you feel about yourself and every cell in your body? Do you feel you can give life to another person in this room? Can you stir the cells and atoms of another persons body?”. James inspires me to be alive within and beyond the immortal community at People Unlimited. In his embrace, the immortal flow of life energy that turns me on is is intensified. And I am raised up. As we rise so does our capacity told more joy........high up that is all there is!

I am grateful that I am a clearly able body and that I have put my flesh in the mist of other bodies who are moving in the direction that calls for a greater capacity to be alive! I am choosing to engage with Bernadeane and James Strole and their direction within the People Unlimited community because they are victorious! They are masters in generating a joyful unlimited living on a daily basis. Their bodies are moving in a momentum actively engaging other bodies towards the very unfolding of a healthy, joyous and prosperous high life. That turns me on! That turns me on! That turns me on! We are forever moving to push back death. In this movement I am with them....looking for the same expansion....the same desire to live full from limitation......forever!

With Love, John Roman. Raise your vibration to contain more joy at our next People Unlimited event.



Healing Practice For Relationships

The recent People Unlimited weekend event this June highlighted the futility of analyzing and talking about our relationship issues with our loved ones. Different couples and several family members took turns in a de facto "hot seat", while the rest of us looked on and squirmed, watching our own psychodramas being played out with different names and faces. Blaming, apologizing, withholding, forgiving... wow — what else is life, right?

After a particularly poignant exchange between one couple ended in a stalemate, someone else stood up and exclaimed that there has never been, and never will be, any resolution of our issues by talking them out. Our only recourse, he said, is to become larger than the issues that make us feel small, and thereby allow our bodies to express. Someone else chimed in, saying that the best way for two people to expand their communication is to hold one another.

I was really moved, because this is exactly the best advice I have ever received (numerous times), and Diana and I still practice it (most of the time), and teach it in our classes.

For those of you in a hurry, here is the homeopathic version: electric bodies Embrace for five minutes. Breathe together. Maintain silence. Keep Breathing.

In the article below, I expand upon this framework, and share an actual exercise that intimate partners may engage in with each other, a practice that was passed along to me by Kerry and Diane Riley of Australia. I also refer you to their excellent book, Tantric Secrets for Men. The exercise (they call it a "ritual"), may appear a little wordy at first, but it is well worth taking the time to read and practice.

And for all of you reading along and wondering what any of this has to do with physical immortality, it has long been observed that toxic chemistry in our body, brought on by negative thinking and suppressed emotions, is a major cause of disease and death. Breathing, getting grounded, and receiving the touch of another body is Life enhancing. This is a view that must be tested, not believed, so please practice! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Introduction: When talking is NOT working for you and your beloved, it's a good time for each of you to remember your own precious body instead, and physically connect with each other. It's important that the two of you will have made a prior agreement to engage this exercise in times of conflict. It will ground you in your own body, refresh your innate sensual passion, and enliven the expansive and free connection that brought the two of you together in the first place.

So — if your partner requests this practice, even though you might be completely triggered and withdrawn, you will breathe and say "yes". It's okay to notice you don't want to, or you're just not "feeling it" — say yes to the sacred decision you made to honor the peace in your own body, and the pleasurable flow you share with your partner. No matter what. Say yes to keeping the passion for life and the physical bond of loving between the two of you alive.

Refusing to honor this agreement sabotages your own integrity and threatens the very juiciness of safety that your relationship is built upon. Your partner is trusting you enough to drop the argument and ask for harmony. Listen to your partner deeply, and realize that your Life is more important than your ego; your Love is more important than being right. Suppose it is you who has enough free attention to let go first. You could say, “This is not getting us anywhere. I want to be in harmony with you. Let’s do the Bonding Practice. We can discuss this stuff later when we are not so upset. Let’s put our bodies together.”

Step 1:

Take up the Nurturing Position: nurturing position

You (the requesting partner in this case), lie on your back while your partner lies besides you and rests her head on your chest. Place your right arm around her in a nurturing manner. She places her right hand on your heart, and you put your left hand on top of hers. Bend your right knee and place it between her legs, touching her sexual center. Her right leg is bent over yours so her knee touches your genital area.

This connects your heart center (open to give and receive love again), with your sexual center, opening you to vulnerability and intimacy. For her, being held in the nurturing position tends to open her heart center again. And by touching her sexual center with your leg, it reverses her normal reactive behavior to withdraw and shut down.

Step 2:

Use the breath to let go of any tension. If you are very upset, you will find that you will be tensing your body and holding your breath, or you will feel your partner doing this. Breathe in with a long, deep breath through the nose and then sigh as you breathe out through the mouth – ahh! Repeat this at least 10 times, co-ordinating your breaths if you can; otherwise make sure you are both doing the deep breathing. Never allow just one of you to be doing it; both must participate.

As you breathe out, let go of any anger, resentments, or the need to be right. Release all tension in the body, especially in the jaw, neck and shoulders. As you continue with the breathing, allow your mind to become quiet, allow the inner chatter about the argument to be dismissed. Take your awareness instead to the contact points between your physical bodies, especially your opening heart, and feel love, compassion, caring and forgiveness. Feel the warmth of your partner’s hand on your heart center. Focus on nurturing your partner like a child who has been hurt. Focus on that part of her that you really love beyond the part that has upset you.

Partner B ( your lover in this case), focuses on being nurtured and cared for and then shifts her attention to her hand on your heart, healing it and opening you more to love again. If it feels appropriate she can gently move her hand from your heart center to your sexual center, gently cupping this area for a few minutes, while you keep your hand on your heart center. This allows harmony between the emotions and physical sexuality to develop once more. You now exchange roles with your partner, gently repositioning before beginning. You need to spend at least five minutes in each role for it to be effective.

Step 3:

Both turn and face each other and hold each other naturally without your hands holding the heart or sexual centers. Continue to breathe and let go, but do not say anything. Gaze gently into each other’s eyes with love and compassion while tuning into your own “higher self”, where having to be right or having to win the argument is not important. What is important is to keep eye contact and be soft, vulnerable and see the part of your beloved that wants to be loved and wants to love. Act as healers for each other, showing compassion, care and concern for your relationship.

Keep breathing gently and after a minute or so and when appropriate, one says “I’m sorry (we were fighting). I love you”. The other listens, breaths in and internally accepts this. Then she says “I’m sorry too and I love you.” Finish with a hug or a kiss.

It is most important not to say anything like ”I forgive you, but next time...” This would blow the whole process. Do not talk about the issue, just hug and kiss and suggest a cup of tea or a walk. Maybe several hours later, or the next day, you can return and deal with the issue. Dealing with it immediately after the bonding practice is dangerous because you are very open and sensitive when you have trusted enough to say “sorry”.

After you have completed this process, you may not even need to discuss the issue again because you will find that the re-established harmony and balance may well provide a new viewpoint or attitude. If you do discuss it, you may come up with other solutions to the problem which you may not have reached while in a reactive mode.

In reality, neither of you are perfect. You both contributed to the disharmony in some way. By looking within and forgiving and by balancing the energies between you, very often circumstances begin to change.

The Power of Surrender

What you are doing in these three steps is surrendering your ego and honoring your body's true feelings to keep the sexual passion and loving bond between you alive. Vulnerability is not compromise. To surrender and let go is to open to who you always already are, prior to your story. As a result, your relationship is revealed to be a means of honoring not only your needs and wants, but your highest truth.

To love your neighbor (or your partner) as yourself, requires that you freely love your self first. It's all about you!




Is James Strole the Most Positive Man On the Planet?

James Strole. The Most Positive Man in The World. I’ll say it plain and simple: James Strole is the most positive man on the planet.  As my friend and mentor, Jim talks about and demonstrates the human body’s innate ability to transcend all limitations of sickness, aging, and yes, even death. In my humble estimation, Jim walks his talk like no one I’ve ever known.

We all have our own take on being "positive", and we are all familiar with positive thinking, but in the case of this most positive man, I’m speaking of something way beyond positive mentality. Jim Strole is passionately, boundlessly and physically positive.

“The body wants to live, it’s not a mindset!”  (JS)

Positive thinking, on the other hand, is nothing new, tracing it’s roots back to the middle 1800’s as the so-called “mind power” movement in Massachusetts and Maine. During the Great Depression, the “prosperity gospel” became part of this mindset of health and hope.  Some of the names involved during this time are now well known: Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Norman Vincent Peale.  Ronald Reagan was friends with many of these pioneer thinkers and introduced positive thinking to the political arena, where it is still practiced today.

As television came of age, the movement continued to transform with entrepreneurs and evangelists taking advantage of instant connection with millions.  Nowadays, we have Dr. Phil and Oprah Winfrey to tell us how we can think better and live better.

“You didn’t come here to be led, you came here to be bigger.” (JS)

If there is one thing that we can generally say about all these illustrious teachers (well, maybe two things), it is that they teach very specific methods and goals that one can eventually attain; and secondly,  it is best to achieve these goals before we die.

“If you aren’t good enough now to live forever, you never will be.” (JS)

This is where Jim Strole makes a radical departure from his contemporaries in the field of positivity.  How would your life change, he asks, if you were no longer obligated to die?  What sense does it make to go through all the torments and blessings of a human life, accumulate a lot of toys and knowledge, and then die, just when you’re beginning to get a notion of how precious your human body is?

“Let’s experience the beauty of being alive without the darkness to have to remind us.”  (JS)

Instead of preparing for eventual death and reincarnation in some so-called better place, Jim’s entire adult life has been a constant movement of expanding and deepening into his own physical form — what he calls the “flesh”. No flesh, no Spirit. No Spirit, no life.

“If we don’t value our bodies more than anything, 
I think we’re really missing what living is all about.” (JS)

The ultimate valuing of our flesh, says Jim, is the discovery that we are all worthy to live, forever!  Think about this (or rather, feel into it.)   What greater self-esteem could there possibly be?  Co-incidentally, the more we value our own life, the more valuable every other life is!  Love thy neighbor as thyself, indeed.

“Take it on that you’re physically immortal now. It's not about being perfect or good enough. It’s about being passionate and alive. It’s about joy and pleasure, and a flow with people who flow with you" (JS)

For arousing the feeling in my heart that separation and war are already over with this valuing of the body, Jim is not only my hero, he is also the most positive man on the planet!

“Physical immortality is about people really wanting to take responsibility for being on the planet, they're not just passing through. They're ready to clean up the mess now and not leave it to somebody else when they die.” (JS)

And for taking a stand for Life, attracting people from all over the world who I now call my friends, and for shining a light into my own darkness of doubt and negativity, James Strole is not only the most positive man on the planet, he is my hero.

"When you’re free from the slavery of death,  you don’t want anybody else to be bound up.  That’s why  immortality is the total answer to peace on this planet.  People stop killing each other because of the value that is created in one another’s flesh."  (JS)



Your natural clock can affect your lifespan.

Did you know the internal circadian clock, our body's natural clock, can affect lifespan? A presentation by Marina Antoch, Ph.D., Roswell Park Cancer Institute, during the 43rd Annual Meeting of the American Aging Association (AGE) held May 30-June 2, 2014, presented the mechanistic link between the internal circadian clock, chronic inflammation and aging. Complete understanding of this functional interconnection is critically important for developing therapeutic and preventive strategies to treat age-related pathologies, said Dr. Antoch.

Biological clock human.svg"Biological clock human" by NoNameGYassineMrabetTalk




Our circadian clock, does not only affect our sleep cycles, but also weight, body temperature, hormones and other functions of the body. We live in a driven world, our senses are been (over)stimulated constantly. Paying attention and listening to our physiological needs of sleep and rest, and not operating in a drive, where the body is constantly being pushed, shouldn't be a matter of convenience or vanity.

Being aware of the deeper, long-term effects of a lifestyle that lacks nourishment, not only of food, but rest, peace, and attention, is imperative. Could you then do something small every day, that would help you prevent heart disease at no cost? Be more productive and successful on the long term, have more joy and happiness? Expand your lifespan tremendously by just "listening to your gut"?

When do we stop and take a look?

"Death is a curable disease." James Strole.

The Annual Meeting featured the latest scholarship and research findings in the field of aging research from more than 70 leading experts. The event has long been recognized as a launching pad for researchers to share cutting-edge discoveries into the underlying mechanisms of the causes of aging as well as the possible breakthroughs in finding ways to increase health span.

"The talks at this year's meeting were of exceptionally high quality with really new exciting insights on the role of gut fauna in healthy aging, protein biology, and why our daily rhythms get disrupted during aging and the widespread ramifications thereof in inflammation and biochemical signaling," said Rochelle Buffenstein, Ph.D., president and meeting chair of AGE.

Among the other weekend's highlights were:

  • An in-depth look by Allon Canaan, Ph.D., MSc, Yale School of Medicine, at the newly discovered FAT10 gene and how it might revolutionize the field of aging research.
  • A series of presentations on the role mitochondria, the cellular compartments that generate the vast majority of the energy that fuels daily activities, plays in aging.
  • A presentation by Kenneth B. Storey, F.R.S.C., Carleton University, on why metabolic depression in long-lived turtles leads to an increase in lifespan.

For the full article in Science Codex and sources, click here.



Who is in your life?

Who is in your life? It's a wonderful thing to have people that feel you, and want you, and need you, but it doesn't happen very much in this world. Not for the long term anyway and I'm talking about forever. But I'm not just talking about forever. I'm talking about the community of people we have that are together forever, and find with one another a feeling and sound of the body that you can't find anywhere else. And it's ongoing and exciting because we're continuously experiencing one another. We get better together and the more we're together the more fun it is to be together. And that's not what usually happens in this world either. Usually people become boring to one another or they don't have an ongoing feeling, an excitement when they see each other. But this is what I feel. An excitement that is eternal and ongoing all the time.

Bernadeane. The First Transwomanist.



What is living unlimited?

What is living Unlimited? Living unlimited isn't about a life outside us somewhere, It's about people being unlimited together. It's we the people moving unlimited together for the first time. Unlimited movement, unlimited passion, unlimited love, unlimited feelings for one another. Unlimited expansion, unlimited touching, unlimited feeling in our own bodies. Hunger to be an unlimited person. Be so tired of being around limited people. Be so tired of your own limitations!

James Strole. The Most Positive Man in The World.



Solidify your individuality

It's so vital to be a strong individual in every way. To have muscle in your body, to have good tissue, to have good skin, to have good thinking, to have solid emotions, to really feel the strength of your body. To really feel the clarity of your movement. To not be blown off course by every little emotion that comes up. To be able to feel the emotions in your body but not be knocked out of life for half a day, or half a week, or a whole month or whatever the case may be. To feel the solidity of your person. That's what being unlimited is about. You begin to think in completely different terms. Instead of seeing something that you don't like about yourself as negative you think, wow, that's something I need to change, that's something I can change because I'm an unlimited body.

James Strole.The Most Positive Man in The World. 



People Unlimited Documentary 4: Selling the Documentary

The point of making a documentary is to provide an audience with a chance to learn about something they weren’t aware of. Since most people aren’t aware of the possibilities of unlimited living or physical immortality, a documentary is the perfect vehicle to tell this complex and compelling story of People Unlimited. To make our point, we would need a documentary and an audience. As we accumulated massive amounts of video shot at People Unlimited events, we worked on a number of concepts for producing the documentary, but we were not gaining much ground on the distribution end. There was a clear need for help in that area, as well as some direction for the product.

When I met Doug Collins last fall, he offered to help us produce the documentary and to help us find an audience for it. That started a series of discussions that would considerably change the scope of the project and dramatically change the course of my life.

Doug’s first recommendation was to create a trailer for the documentary that would help him find people that would buy into the project and help us sell it to the world. We brought Jim and Bernie into the studio for an interview and built the trailer around that interview, combined with video clips from their expressions at the People Unlimited center.

Did we capture the essence of Jim and Bernie and their revolutionary concepts towards life? You’ll just have to see that for yourself. So here’s a link for the trailer:

And what about changing the course of my life? We’ll take that up next time.


Documenting the Documentary Part 3

In January, 2013, when the “Immortalizing the World“ movement started, plans were made to help train people to spread the word about physical immortality. One of those plans turned into Expansion Training, a communications class conducted by the renowned (and physically immortal) Laurie Handlers. Jim Strole took the class in the spring of 2013. During the final session, held on June 27th, the participants each spoke about their intentions they had set at the beginning of the class and the progress they had made towards achieving them.

After hearing what others in the class had to say about how they had fulfilled their intentions, Jim poured out his feelings on expansion – not just the expansion of physical immortality, but the expansion of all those around him as a result of this movement. It’s great to be alive.

Documenting the documentary of People Unlimited – Part II

This is the second post in a series on the creation of a video documentary on People Unlimited’s quest to immortalize the world.

In our last episode, I edited the expressions from the People Unlimited 2013 Summer Event down to 23 minutes of material that addressed immortalizing the world. I sent a link to the video, along with my notes on the clips selected, to Jim and Joe. What with vacations and so forth, it wasn’t until September 6 that we were able to meet and discuss our next steps.

For me, the meeting was exhilarating. I had a plan in mind of how I wanted to proceed and as we talked, Jim, Bernie and Joe were coming up with ideas that were a very close match to what I had envisioned. We had created a connection that had us thinking and acting as one body. Hmmmm. It was an effortless ride, where ideas popped up and were immediately understood and expanded.

One of Joe’s ideas was to treat the project like a rock and roll documentary, depicting Bernie and Jim more as rock stars than public speakers. I would shoot some interviews and backstage scenes to help put their expressions into the proper context. He cited the example of The Last Waltz, Martin Scorsese’s classic film of The Band’s final performance in 1976. I, of course, was thinking of This is Spinal Tap, Rob Reiner’s spoof on heavy metal “rockumentaries”. Okay, so we weren’t thinking exactly as one body right at that moment, but we were close.

So our plan of action was to start shooting the backstage scenes that very night (it was a Friday) and set up a time to shoot the interviews. I arrived at the People Unlimited Center early, screwed in my wide-angle lens to accommodate the confined space of the office and found myself lurking in the lobby like a freelance paparazzi , trolling for celebrities…

What I got that night probably won’t make the final cut, but I have included it here to illustrate how ideas can turn into reality in just a few hours. And the topic of discussion did find its way into the event that night. So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, for your viewing enjoyment I give you this:

To the human brain, Me is We

When I read this article a friend sent me, it reminded me of my experience when I first met Charles Brown and Bernadeane in 1968. The study states “that the brain strains to sync with others and this increases the chance of our survival for ourselves and the group”. When I heard Chuck and Bernie speak I felt: they are me.  I had never heard anyone express themselves with such a passion for the human body, for the person, or for what they called, at that time, the flesh. It was very raw and vulnerable, I felt deeply touched in my soul by them. I felt I had some kind of biological shift in my body.

After that I could never get the feeling of them out of my body. I continued on with the routine of my life, but no matter what I was doing or achieving I could not feel a sense of fulfillment. Anytime I could, I tried to go to hear them.

Through a period of personal unfolding’s I began to realize that my true desire and destiny was to help them spread this great new feeling that they had in their bodies, about the flesh never dying, and a value of human life that I had never felt before.

Charles and Bernadane and I started working together, to spread this feeling around the world, this connection of forever-ness in our bodies. In our joining together we ignited an explosive passion in each other and we began to spread that passion everywhere we went.

I call this passion today a heart feeling for one another, which is stronger than the power of sickness, ageing and death.

Chuck and Bernie birthed this unstoppable feeling of flesh in me and now, through People Unlimited, we are out to birth that in who ever will receive our passion for them to live an unlimited life.

Me WeLast week before reading this article, I expressed at the People Unlimited event that not all your feelings and thoughts are entirely your own all the time, and that you have to be able to differentiate between what are really your thoughts and what are other people's. Sometimes you can wake up in the morning feeling sad and not be sure why. You are actually picking up transmissions from people who you are connected to you, who may be in a conflict.

After reading this article I saw even more deeply how we can become neurologically wired together as human beings and how important it is that our togetherness is not just about survival, but about a connection that propels us through any limitation. I think it demonstrates how important it is to be around people who send us neurological messages that promote and stimulate unlimited life in us.

When I experienced the biological connection with Bernie and Chuck, my outlook on life changed. It was as if the light was switched on. I felt a greater level of cognitive awareness, enabling me to live a life that I really wanted, not just a life that I was born into.

I would think that the more in sync we are with people that want us to live, and want nothing but joy and abundance for ourselves, the better we are.

What are your thoughts on this?


Jim Strole


Is the body programmable?


We want to share an article that one of our members sent to us stating, "Science proves that DNA can be reprogrammed by words and frequencies"

We have known and been talking about the power of the spoken word now for many years, understanding the effect it can have on the human body.  When we first started speaking about unlimited living and physical immortality, we could see the difference in people when we gave them our words of inspiration and told them they were unlimited. Over time we could actually witness the physical differences in these people, as they began to blossom and grow more alive and vibrant in our environment. We realized forty years ago how important an environment of unlimited and uncontrolled expression coming from the soul is.

Now this article states that the human DNA, throughout the entire body, is a biological internet and is far superior in many aspects to artificial internets. The article shows that the transference of energy through the power of words can penetrate through and around the world, connecting with other like minds and bodies. We believe this energy even transmits into the universe itself.

A cell phone or Internet transmission can pierce through walls and many other kinds of barriers. You can be sitting in some kind of enclosure and still get cell phone reception most of the time, but sometimes not because of the weakness of the frequency. The human word and energy frequency is a constant that is not weakened by distance or barriers, only by how receptive the person is to taking it in.

So think about this as you are going through your day, how powerful your words and your energy are and how they can transform you and the world.

Can you actually speak and think yourself into a physically immortal life?


Bernie and Jim.



Christi Christiaens -- 100% in charge of my life

Before I was with People Unlimited, I was very negatively affected by the circumstances around me and would go into a depression. Now I am 100% in charge of my life. I’ve created a positive environment around me I can thrive in and I never experience depression anymore.

Before I met Jim, Chuck and Bernie, I lived in Belgium and was raising four kids. My marriage was dysfunctional and I was constantly looking for the next class, the next seminar, the next therapy to make me feel ok with my life, which really wasn’t ok.

Until the day that a friend of mine returned from America and told me that she met three people who said they were physical immortal and immediately I was overwhelmed with a stirring feeling in every cell of my body.

Next I went to an event with Jim, Chuck and Bernie in Munich Germany. They were so passionate and so real, totally giving of themselves to us, that I was deeply impacted.  It felt like all my cells were popping open. I knew I’d found what I was really all about. I was done with desperately looking for the next workshop or therapy to give sense to my life. Ten years later I moved to Scottsdale AZ where I am living a physical immortal life with people of my own kind.

Before I was with People Unlimited I had severe back pain and other health issues. Now I am healthy and pain-free. I went from living a life of desperation to living a meaningful and exciting life. I go through intense things sometimes, but the big difference is that I always come out better and stronger.



Physical immortality is a never-ending journey of joy, untouched by tragedy

physical immortals know comedy I was feeling inspired recently about how people who live physical immortality are a people who know no tragedy.  In the story of the human race, tragedy is a constantly recurring theme.  Aristotle explored it thoroughly in his Poetics, along with the another very common theme, comedy.

I moved to Scottsdale, AZ, to be in and among the People Unlimited Community.  In 2 1/2 years, I have only missed a handful of events.  What I have felt is an inspiration, joy, connection, and a free-flowing moving of energy.  I have felt this before.  But consistently? No, this is a special place.  I have been a part of independent self-growth communities that surge and then fade over time, as egos do battle, and burdens overtake inspiration.  But here, I have seen Jim Strole, Bernadeane, and the community move through many challenges with joy.  There is a theme of deep connection, and deep intimacy, growing deeper over time.  When you have that, why would you even want to die?

On the facebook group, I recently posted this video.  It begins with a quote from Alan Harrington:

 "Death has become an imposition on the human race and is no longer acceptable".

Take 3 minutes and watch it.  This is why I am here.  This is why I must be around people who feel this way about life.

Joy is a recurring theme of physical immortality.  Joy and inspiration.

Also, comedy!  And giving to others.

Recently the charitable wing of People Unlimited, People Unlimited Charities, held a fundraiser event called Womanless Beauty Pageant.  Its the 4th annual one, and it was hilarious.  To be a guy and put on a show like this for a couple of hundred people really takes some balls.  This was not a "drag" show.  This was for fun.  This was to entertain, for guys to step out of the box and explore full out human expression, and it all went to charity.  You can read all about it here:

Here is a clip:

This journey keeps getting better, it's a new model for living.  Fun, connection, freedom, and intimacy.  Self-selected, and coming together on regularly to face challenges together and spark the body toward limitless self-growth and evolution.  Only when growth stops does aging begin.  The human body never needs to age.  It just needs the right environment.  Its a joy to be here.



Responding to Physical Immortality is Amazing

I was one of many enjoying our People Unlimited event last evening when a speaker, a highly admired and respected member of our community, spoke out my name, looked at me in the eyes and said that he was thinking about me and he felt it was pretty amazing that I have responded to Physical Immortality.  In that moment a warm feeling of agreement, joy, and gratitude filled my body. Because it’s true, it is amazing that I responded to Physical Immortality. What? People never to experience death?  How absurd! What a bunch of foolish people! That’s how most people respond to Physical Immortality. However, when I laid down in bed that night ready to fall asleep I thought about this; what is MORE amazing than me responding to Physical Immortality is when people who come into our midst and begin to experience who we are as a people and as a new life but don’t respond to Physical Immortality. To me, THAT is what really amazes me. Since meeting Charles Brown, Jim Strole, and Bernadeane my life has totally changed and has been uplifted and enriched beyond words. Physical Immortality is not an idea, concept, religion, or belief system. Physical Immortality is a new way of life, a new way of feeling about your person and about others. Physical Immortality is about a higher quality of life. Now that I’ve experienced a deeper, richer way to live, there is no way that I could ever go back to the mundane, superficial way of existence that used to be my reality.  What I am referring to is the ordinary, normal way of life that is out there or what people refer to as “the way it is”.

It’s been over 10 years since I first met these people and I will tell you that without my good fortune to have met them I would never have experienced what I am now experiencing as a human being. I have always been a deep person, always wanting more in life and more with people. I’ve always had a hunger to experience life at its fullest but it just seemed in that world from which I came there was not a whole lot there, no true caring or feeling for one another, only the superficial ways of going thru the motions but with no real substance behind the mask. For example, how many times in your life have you felt you had something with another person but then one day you realize that person was gone. Either they’ve moved away or they have moved on to other things or to other people in their lives. The interaction with that other person stopped. What happened to what you had with that other person?

In the world from which I came, it is a world where people aren’t 100% real. It’s a world where there is a lot of guesswork that takes place because you have to figure out if people or situations that people create are real or not. I’ve entered a world, at my own choosing, where all of that has ended. I don’t have to guess anymore because everything is clean and clear. We do not hide anything from each other, nor do we have any secrets. Everything is put on the table. As a people we have an organic sense of integrity about ourselves that is truly remarkable. This frees us from the state of survival. We are direct and honest with each other. Sometimes we have to face things with each other but we do so in a way that is very direct and nourishing that leaves the other person feeling held and warm. We have a way with each other, no matter what the situation, where people feel lifted by each other. There is a genuine feeling that we have with each other that is real. And because of the feeling and integrity that we have with each other there is a “rest in the body” so the person can really live. People in this world do not get to experience this level of human interaction on an every moment, on-going basis.

We have people from all over the world that have embraced this new life because they all hungered for something new, something fresh, something totally clean, and something totally nourishing so that the body can really thrive and can really live with joy.




Living free of mental control

Living free of mental control is a wonderful thing. The only people I have ever experienced this with are immortal. Most human beings are like ticking time-bombs. They walk around their whole lives with the unconscious knowledge that some day they are going to die. People don’t think about that much and often will dismiss you or even fight you when you try to enlighten them to their state of being, but that does not change the fact that the body feels the weight of the sentence of death every day it is alive and dulls the senses to prepare for loss of all kinds. Living with the belief system of death is very suppressive of aliveness and joy, but since most people have never known anything else it’s just accepted as the norm. No-one has really lifted the veil to explore what a human body without that limitation would be like, until now. We are the people doing this, literally going where no-one has ever been before. There are innate creative powers of the human body when freed from the daily reality of living with a death sentence and the inevitable fears that arise from that. When the body can function from somewhere more vast and inclusive than just the programmed human mind, there is a change that takes place that produces great clarity and focus of thought, feeling and action. First you have to be delivered from the mental prison. That requires a human touch from someone who has crossed over the death barrier and is moving free themselves. I wish I could convey to you the glorious rest that you will experience in your nervous system when an immortal penetrates to your soul and lifts your burden… the possibilities you will glimpse and the new hungers that will begin to squirm inside you. If I could just open a door for you right now to another world, would your natural sense of adventure and curiosity that maybe you remember from your childhood take over? Would you run through eager to explore, or would you dismiss immortality as stupid and close the door behind you?

Immortal bodies are nothing short of treasures. People that are willing to face everything and be vulnerable and intimate with themselves and others are sacred to me. People that go beyond a self-centered life to reach out and take others with them to greater heights are simply precious. They are the life-blood of this planet. Once you have tasted the sweetness and illumination of the virtue that pours from an immortal body, you are never the same. It is the genius of immortals that has realized that human nourishment is the missing ingredient and the key to living abundantly forever. Without it a person slowly or quickly dries out, shrivels up and eventually blows away.





Propelling Force for Physical Immortality

I am a propelling force for physical immortality in this world. I’m telling you this because the question was posed last weekend at our monthly event at People Unlimited. Everyone is propelling something in their lives whether consciously or not, so it’s a great question to answer. I am happy to be a propelling force for physical immortality and a new species in this world. I refuse to promote death. I love to be alive and I love the feeling of wanting others alive, therefore I have chosen to be a propelling force for our aliveness, for our physical immortality. push the world

Sounds too simple, doesn’t it? Well, it is simple – simply wonderful – but I can tell you it takes true greatness to really live it. It requires a fluid state of being without control to be successful at being a propelling force for physical immortality. It takes openness and letting go - of the ego and all its measurements and selfish needs. You have to go big – bigger than yourself, bigger than your family, your peer-group, your race, your country. You have to stretch out and see way beyond what you have known, beyond any kind of lack or poverty of being. How do you do this, you might ask? There is no formula - but it all comes from being with other people. You have to be willing to open the self and let down the barriers. No one person can contain all there is – the wisdom comes from seeing the world through other people’s eyes and senses as well as your own. The only thing that matters is who you give yourself to, who you choose to align yourself with. If you think you can escape this by keeping to yourself, consider that not making a conscious choice for your life simply puts you in alignment by default with the death cult of billions of unconscious people following each other to the gas chambers without questioning whether escape is a possibility.

Physical immortality is a high state of being - an adventure worth jumping into. I’m excited that I searched out the best propelling force in this world to get behind. I am proud to be physically immortal. I am thrilled that I have purpose and meaning to my life and that I want to be more every day, not less. If I am not a propelling force for greatness, then what? Aging? Deterioration? Depression? Not for me – and contrary to what many people think, surrendering my separate ego in favor of the diversity of the whole has actually given me a more defining sense of self than I ever had – I have discovered more about who I really am and my individual gifts and contribution than ever before.

P.S. The weekend event was a thrilling and stirring time as always – great being with my people, having fun, going deep with living and giving to our actions to promote physical immortality and togetherness in this world that so badly needs real answers.

people-unlimited-immortality-Emblem-no shadow-50


Samantha Orozco - The confidence to change

samantha_orozco_peopleunlimited_testimonialsThrough my involvement with People Unlimited, I’ve become the joyful, confident person I was born to be. I feel passion for my life and the life of others. I came to Scottsdale, Arizona 7 years ago. I was a professional person from Venezuela, a hydrology engineer. I’m a strong person, but certain experiences had traumatized me and left me with fear and insecurities.

After hearing Bernadeane, Jim Strole and Charles Brown, of People Unlimited, speak on physical immortality and attending People Unlimited events in Scottsdale, I felt in my body, "This is the life I want."

My movement involved large and profound changes, including a new culture, language, and customs. But I have continued to change and grow since then. Change is not a one-time thing; this is a day to day movement. I do not know what life will bring me tomorrow, but what I do know is that I am ready and confident in myself.

I am very grateful to Bernie, Jim and Chuck, for their clarity, passion, sweetness, inspiration and life movement. I am grateful also to all the people and for the life we are building together.

Diana Owens - Fulfilling my vision of transformation

Diana_Owens_PeopleUnlimited_testimonialSince connecting with People Unlimited, I have learned how to be intimate with myself, my partner, and others. I have faced judgments, criticism and low self esteem about myself and recognized all of this as irrelevant and small, and no longer let it block me from fulfilling the vision I have of myself to be a peacemaker, transforming the world through spreading love to others. I am 68 years on this planet and have spent my whole life seeking and finding growth. My career as a clinical psychotherapist, success coach and tantra facilitator has been a huge benefit to me. Everything I learned about healing others, I have been able to give to myself. Still, I have not been satisfied...I sought more. I always judged my dissatisfaction with myself and my life as a neurosis.

Through the experience and influence of Jim Strole, Bernadeane and People Unlimited, I am recognizing that my seeking is the drive of my flesh to find my greatness and to live forever. I am falling in love with my life as never before.

I have had a vision of transformation through love since I was in college. Now, through the support that my people have for me and the belief they have in my greatness, I am rising in energy and creativity and manifesting a more lucrative and fulfilling counseling practice. This includes not only counseling and psychotherapy, but my passion for yoga and dance and success coaching.

I have always been interested in health. But now, I have increased my knowledge and practice of healthy habits of living. I not only feel better physically and emotionally, I have more energy, a brighter outlook on life, and am happier.

My relationship with my partner is much happier. We are each taking full responsibility for the happiness we are creating in our relationship. We are no longer blaming each other. We are communicating more clearly and openly and we are less dependent on each other. We are focused on building each other in every way. Our forever life gives us the perspective of wanting the best for each other as well as for ourselves.

I have more energy, enthusiasm, and love of living than ever before. I have a vision of transformation for myself and the world that I am passionate about and can see happening. This vision includes physically immortalizing the world. My partner and I have a community of people that we love and that love and support us in being the greatest we can be and the happiest. I feel grateful and am looking forward to our forever life together, transforming the world through being all that we can be.

Cheryl Piatelli - Opening up to life

I am so NOT shut down any more! And the feeling is exhilarating. I allow the feelings of joy and worth to flow in my body now. I care more for people in a way that is less self-serving. And I have a deep desire to have as many people as possible experience a new way of being. I love being part of a movement that can truly make a difference. Before People Unlimited, I had stopped dreaming. I had plenty of friends and I had a career I loved. But there was an emptiness in me that said "Is this all there is?"

So in 2009 I decided to change my life. I sold 3/4 of my possessions, including my baby grand piano and took a train from Boston to Phoenix. I went to People Unlimited meetings and started to see a different way for myself.

I never liked groups even though I belonged to many. It seemed a necessary evil because I wanted to be with people, but most groups just magnified people's issues. But with People Unlimited I experienced what being cared for without conditions really felt like. It is freeing to the body. And there is an energy that gets created when people want each other to live. The feeling of being unstoppable starts to drown out the old negative messages that tell you you can’t have the life that you want.

Most of us grew up learning we have limitations and they stop us from creating what our hearts truly want. And the process of "shutting down" only gets deeper the longer we are here. Well I have reversed that process.

I have tried things I never thought I'd try: Like going beyond the pettiness with my family to heal those relationships. Like participating in a fitness contest for women over 60. Like expressing my physical immortality to my friends and accepting they might think I'm crazy.

Feeling so loved and appreciated is at the core of my transformation. I know I was loved and am loved by many people, but it seemed like there was something wrong in feeling my own specialness and uniqueness; something wrong in thinking that my presence here on this planet is important and needed. Maybe that was my Catholic upbringing. Now I know that only from that place of deserving can we be truly present for others.