I was one of many enjoying our People Unlimited event last evening when a speaker, a highly admired and respected member of our community, spoke out my name, looked at me in the eyes and said that he was thinking about me and he felt it was pretty amazing that I have responded to Physical Immortality.  In that moment a warm feeling of agreement, joy, and gratitude filled my body. Because it’s true, it is amazing that I responded to Physical Immortality. What? People never to experience death?  How absurd! What a bunch of foolish people! That’s how most people respond to Physical Immortality. However, when I laid down in bed that night ready to fall asleep I thought about this; what is MORE amazing than me responding to Physical Immortality is when people who come into our midst and begin to experience who we are as a people and as a new life but don’t respond to Physical Immortality. To me, THAT is what really amazes me. Since meeting Charles Brown, Jim Strole, and Bernadeane my life has totally changed and has been uplifted and enriched beyond words. Physical Immortality is not an idea, concept, religion, or belief system. Physical Immortality is a new way of life, a new way of feeling about your person and about others. Physical Immortality is about a higher quality of life. Now that I’ve experienced a deeper, richer way to live, there is no way that I could ever go back to the mundane, superficial way of existence that used to be my reality.  What I am referring to is the ordinary, normal way of life that is out there or what people refer to as “the way it is”.

It’s been over 10 years since I first met these people and I will tell you that without my good fortune to have met them I would never have experienced what I am now experiencing as a human being. I have always been a deep person, always wanting more in life and more with people. I’ve always had a hunger to experience life at its fullest but it just seemed in that world from which I came there was not a whole lot there, no true caring or feeling for one another, only the superficial ways of going thru the motions but with no real substance behind the mask. For example, how many times in your life have you felt you had something with another person but then one day you realize that person was gone. Either they’ve moved away or they have moved on to other things or to other people in their lives. The interaction with that other person stopped. What happened to what you had with that other person?

In the world from which I came, it is a world where people aren’t 100% real. It’s a world where there is a lot of guesswork that takes place because you have to figure out if people or situations that people create are real or not. I’ve entered a world, at my own choosing, where all of that has ended. I don’t have to guess anymore because everything is clean and clear. We do not hide anything from each other, nor do we have any secrets. Everything is put on the table. As a people we have an organic sense of integrity about ourselves that is truly remarkable. This frees us from the state of survival. We are direct and honest with each other. Sometimes we have to face things with each other but we do so in a way that is very direct and nourishing that leaves the other person feeling held and warm. We have a way with each other, no matter what the situation, where people feel lifted by each other. There is a genuine feeling that we have with each other that is real. And because of the feeling and integrity that we have with each other there is a “rest in the body” so the person can really live. People in this world do not get to experience this level of human interaction on an every moment, on-going basis.

We have people from all over the world that have embraced this new life because they all hungered for something new, something fresh, something totally clean, and something totally nourishing so that the body can really thrive and can really live with joy.