physical immortals know comedy I was feeling inspired recently about how people who live physical immortality are a people who know no tragedy.  In the story of the human race, tragedy is a constantly recurring theme.  Aristotle explored it thoroughly in his Poetics, along with the another very common theme, comedy.

I moved to Scottsdale, AZ, to be in and among the People Unlimited Community.  In 2 1/2 years, I have only missed a handful of events.  What I have felt is an inspiration, joy, connection, and a free-flowing moving of energy.  I have felt this before.  But consistently? No, this is a special place.  I have been a part of independent self-growth communities that surge and then fade over time, as egos do battle, and burdens overtake inspiration.  But here, I have seen Jim Strole, Bernadeane, and the community move through many challenges with joy.  There is a theme of deep connection, and deep intimacy, growing deeper over time.  When you have that, why would you even want to die?

On the facebook group, I recently posted this video.  It begins with a quote from Alan Harrington:

 "Death has become an imposition on the human race and is no longer acceptable".

Take 3 minutes and watch it.  This is why I am here.  This is why I must be around people who feel this way about life.

Joy is a recurring theme of physical immortality.  Joy and inspiration.

Also, comedy!  And giving to others.

Recently the charitable wing of People Unlimited, People Unlimited Charities, held a fundraiser event called Womanless Beauty Pageant.  Its the 4th annual one, and it was hilarious.  To be a guy and put on a show like this for a couple of hundred people really takes some balls.  This was not a "drag" show.  This was for fun.  This was to entertain, for guys to step out of the box and explore full out human expression, and it all went to charity.  You can read all about it here:

Here is a clip:

This journey keeps getting better, it's a new model for living.  Fun, connection, freedom, and intimacy.  Self-selected, and coming together on regularly to face challenges together and spark the body toward limitless self-growth and evolution.  Only when growth stops does aging begin.  The human body never needs to age.  It just needs the right environment.  Its a joy to be here.