Before I was with People Unlimited, I was very negatively affected by the circumstances around me and would go into a depression. Now I am 100% in charge of my life. I’ve created a positive environment around me I can thrive in and I never experience depression anymore.

Before I met Jim, Chuck and Bernie, I lived in Belgium and was raising four kids. My marriage was dysfunctional and I was constantly looking for the next class, the next seminar, the next therapy to make me feel ok with my life, which really wasn’t ok.

Until the day that a friend of mine returned from America and told me that she met three people who said they were physical immortal and immediately I was overwhelmed with a stirring feeling in every cell of my body.

Next I went to an event with Jim, Chuck and Bernie in Munich Germany. They were so passionate and so real, totally giving of themselves to us, that I was deeply impacted.  It felt like all my cells were popping open. I knew I’d found what I was really all about. I was done with desperately looking for the next workshop or therapy to give sense to my life. Ten years later I moved to Scottsdale AZ where I am living a physical immortal life with people of my own kind.

Before I was with People Unlimited I had severe back pain and other health issues. Now I am healthy and pain-free. I went from living a life of desperation to living a meaningful and exciting life. I go through intense things sometimes, but the big difference is that I always come out better and stronger.