Our Team

People Unlimited James Strole

James Strole

Co-Director and Co-Founder

James Strole is Co-founder and Co-director of People Unlimited, and the Director of the Coalition for Radical Life Extension, who are the producers of RAADfest . He’s a leading anti-death activist and community builder, who has spoken and written on radical life extension and physical immortality for over four decades. Jim has dedicated his life to challenging death-oriented beliefs and practices, and has coached thousands of people to live an ageless lifestyle to achieve healthier, fuller, more vibrant lives. He started practicing Integral Yoga at 15, and identified with its founder, Sri Aurobindo, who sought to bring together the yogis of India to create a super body to match the super consciousness. Jim is co-author of the book Just Getting Started: Fifty Years of Living Forever. He has appeared on numerous TV shows both domestically and abroad, and has spoken to audiences on four continents. 

People Unlimited Bernadeane Brown


Co-Director and Co-Founder

Co-founder and Co-director of People Unlimited, Bernadeane has spoken and written on radical life extension and physical immortality for over four decades. Her speaking style is fiery and focused, challenging conventional limited thinking with visionary insight and common sense honesty. Bernadeane is an expert in the habits and mindset of living an ageless lifestyle and draws on her own experience to motivate and enlighten others to break out of the box of ageism. A leading advocate for woman and immortality, she has inspired thousands of women to take on greater authority and accountability in their lives, and to look beyond the limitations of traditional roles in death-oriented society in order to redefine themselves for an unlimited future. She's the co-author of Just Getting Started: Fifty Years of Living Forever, appearing on numerous TV shows both domestically and abroad, and has touched audiences in dozens of countries.

People Unlimited Joe Bardin

JOe Bardin

Communications Director 

Joe Bardin is an award-winning writer, messaging strategist and anti-death activist who has spoken on physical immortality around the world. His writing has appeared in newspapers, magazines and literary journals nationally, and his plays have been performed professionally. He also serves as the Communications Director for the Coalition for Radical Life Extension.

People Unlimited Kevin Brown

Kevin Brown

Assistant to directors and speaker

Kevin is a social activist on radical life extension and immortality who has spoken on the topic around the world. He’s also an accomplished DJ who has been playing Electronic, Ambient, Underground House, Tech-House, Tribal, and Techno since 1986.  His music has been released on Downside Up Recordings, Rhythm Bound, Spinnin' Records, Land Of Voodoo, Mochicoprimo, Chumbomundo, Hamachi & System Recordings. Kevin currently performs as DJ Athan or with his performance art group West Of Berlin.

People Unlimited Ilana Lea

Ilana Lea

Ageless Education Coordinator

Enerjoy Fitness Founder and CEO, Ilana Lea’s passion and life’s work is achieving and maintaining optimal health forever, and inspiring and guiding others to do the same. Ilana earned a B.A. Degree in Physical Education from Wingate Institute in Israel. She has earned teaching certificates in weight training and fitness instruction, physical fitness in combat, aerobics and gymnastics. An accomplished competitor, Ilana has won numerous national fitness and figure competitions.

People Unlimited Art Bejarano

Art Bejarano


Art Bejarano has been involved with physical immortality for over 30 years and is a featured speaker and member of People Unlimited’s Executive Team. He has traveled and spoken on deathless living internationally and around the United States. He is a co-founder and co-owner of a multimillion dollar aerospace engineering business, and continues to develop and educate himself in all facets of human health and Radical Life Extension.

People Unlimited Dimitri Larno

DImitri Larno


Originally trained in Europe, and certified by the Stretch to Win Institute and the American Muscle & Fitness Personal Training Institute, Dimitri is an accomplished athlete as well as a flexibility and strength coach, He was a professional dancer for international recording artists and an Arizona State Power lifting Champion. Dimitri is a featured speaker at People Unlimited with a unique perspective on wellness, parenting and radical life extension.

People Unlimited Dray Carson



Dray Carson-Hruby is an entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in strategic business development, operations, business systems, sales, recruiting, marketing, public speaking, and consulting. In 2015 Dray and her daughter Sasha started Bag of Change™, dedicated to the recovery of kids freed from human trafficking in the USA. Dray is the Co-Founder & Executive Administrator of KaiZen Medical Group, a medical clinic that provides a variety of services to improve the overall functionality, mobility and energy levels of the body.

Michelle Andrews headshot.jpg


Operations manager

Michelle manages the People Unlimited office with energy, efficiency and caring. Originally from Auckland, NZ, she first became interested in physical immortality over twenty years ago, and has become a consistent and committed advocate. She was Personal Assistant for the mayor of Marion Council in Adelaide, Australia before relocating to the US.