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Age reversal therapies, breakthrough mindset, longevity and expansion.

James Strole and Bernadeane lead a transformational week at People Unlimited. All who participated in the Spring Super Longevity Week at People Unlimited enjoyed a wonderful week of vibrant interaction. James Strole and Bernadeane have created a unique environment of in-depth human communication and transformation, in which engaged individuals explore living without the limitations. 



Build your future brighter than your past.

New coaching program provides practical guidance on how to make it happen.Is your future looking exciting? Do you know how you can benefit from new scientific results in longevity medicine, nutrition and exercise? Do you have a deep desire to live a long and healthy life?



People Unlimited members test biomarkers.

To assess current health and set future goals. How healthy are we on the inside? This is a question all immortalists need to be able to answer. People Unlimited members enjoyed the benefit of complementary bioelectrical impedance testing.



The best super longevity event ever.

People Unlimited volunteers, entertainers and activists help make RAADfest 2017 the greatest super longevity event ever. RAADfest, held August 9-13, 2017 in San Diego, was made possible, in large part, by the efforts of People Unlimited members. People Unlimited provided most of the event support team as well as several great performances.



Christi Christiaens -- 100% in charge of my life

Before I was with People Unlimited, I was very negatively affected by the circumstances around me and would go into a depression. Now I am 100% in charge of my life. I’ve created a positive environment around me I can thrive in and I never experience depression anymore.

Before I met Jim, Chuck and Bernie, I lived in Belgium and was raising four kids. My marriage was dysfunctional and I was constantly looking for the next class, the next seminar, the next therapy to make me feel ok with my life, which really wasn’t ok.

Until the day that a friend of mine returned from America and told me that she met three people who said they were physical immortal and immediately I was overwhelmed with a stirring feeling in every cell of my body.

Next I went to an event with Jim, Chuck and Bernie in Munich Germany. They were so passionate and so real, totally giving of themselves to us, that I was deeply impacted.  It felt like all my cells were popping open. I knew I’d found what I was really all about. I was done with desperately looking for the next workshop or therapy to give sense to my life. Ten years later I moved to Scottsdale AZ where I am living a physical immortal life with people of my own kind.

Before I was with People Unlimited I had severe back pain and other health issues. Now I am healthy and pain-free. I went from living a life of desperation to living a meaningful and exciting life. I go through intense things sometimes, but the big difference is that I always come out better and stronger.


Samantha Orozco - The confidence to change

samantha_orozco_peopleunlimited_testimonialsThrough my involvement with People Unlimited, I’ve become the joyful, confident person I was born to be. I feel passion for my life and the life of others. I came to Scottsdale, Arizona 7 years ago. I was a professional person from Venezuela, a hydrology engineer. I’m a strong person, but certain experiences had traumatized me and left me with fear and insecurities.

After hearing Bernadeane, Jim Strole and Charles Brown, of People Unlimited, speak on physical immortality and attending People Unlimited events in Scottsdale, I felt in my body, "This is the life I want."

My movement involved large and profound changes, including a new culture, language, and customs. But I have continued to change and grow since then. Change is not a one-time thing; this is a day to day movement. I do not know what life will bring me tomorrow, but what I do know is that I am ready and confident in myself.

I am very grateful to Bernie, Jim and Chuck, for their clarity, passion, sweetness, inspiration and life movement. I am grateful also to all the people and for the life we are building together.

Diana Owens - Fulfilling my vision of transformation

Diana_Owens_PeopleUnlimited_testimonialSince connecting with People Unlimited, I have learned how to be intimate with myself, my partner, and others. I have faced judgments, criticism and low self esteem about myself and recognized all of this as irrelevant and small, and no longer let it block me from fulfilling the vision I have of myself to be a peacemaker, transforming the world through spreading love to others. I am 68 years on this planet and have spent my whole life seeking and finding growth. My career as a clinical psychotherapist, success coach and tantra facilitator has been a huge benefit to me. Everything I learned about healing others, I have been able to give to myself. Still, I have not been satisfied...I sought more. I always judged my dissatisfaction with myself and my life as a neurosis.

Through the experience and influence of Jim Strole, Bernadeane and People Unlimited, I am recognizing that my seeking is the drive of my flesh to find my greatness and to live forever. I am falling in love with my life as never before.

I have had a vision of transformation through love since I was in college. Now, through the support that my people have for me and the belief they have in my greatness, I am rising in energy and creativity and manifesting a more lucrative and fulfilling counseling practice. This includes not only counseling and psychotherapy, but my passion for yoga and dance and success coaching.

I have always been interested in health. But now, I have increased my knowledge and practice of healthy habits of living. I not only feel better physically and emotionally, I have more energy, a brighter outlook on life, and am happier.

My relationship with my partner is much happier. We are each taking full responsibility for the happiness we are creating in our relationship. We are no longer blaming each other. We are communicating more clearly and openly and we are less dependent on each other. We are focused on building each other in every way. Our forever life gives us the perspective of wanting the best for each other as well as for ourselves.

I have more energy, enthusiasm, and love of living than ever before. I have a vision of transformation for myself and the world that I am passionate about and can see happening. This vision includes physically immortalizing the world. My partner and I have a community of people that we love and that love and support us in being the greatest we can be and the happiest. I feel grateful and am looking forward to our forever life together, transforming the world through being all that we can be.

Cheryl Piatelli - Opening up to life

I am so NOT shut down any more! And the feeling is exhilarating. I allow the feelings of joy and worth to flow in my body now. I care more for people in a way that is less self-serving. And I have a deep desire to have as many people as possible experience a new way of being. I love being part of a movement that can truly make a difference. Before People Unlimited, I had stopped dreaming. I had plenty of friends and I had a career I loved. But there was an emptiness in me that said "Is this all there is?"

So in 2009 I decided to change my life. I sold 3/4 of my possessions, including my baby grand piano and took a train from Boston to Phoenix. I went to People Unlimited meetings and started to see a different way for myself.

I never liked groups even though I belonged to many. It seemed a necessary evil because I wanted to be with people, but most groups just magnified people's issues. But with People Unlimited I experienced what being cared for without conditions really felt like. It is freeing to the body. And there is an energy that gets created when people want each other to live. The feeling of being unstoppable starts to drown out the old negative messages that tell you you can’t have the life that you want.

Most of us grew up learning we have limitations and they stop us from creating what our hearts truly want. And the process of "shutting down" only gets deeper the longer we are here. Well I have reversed that process.

I have tried things I never thought I'd try: Like going beyond the pettiness with my family to heal those relationships. Like participating in a fitness contest for women over 60. Like expressing my physical immortality to my friends and accepting they might think I'm crazy.

Feeling so loved and appreciated is at the core of my transformation. I know I was loved and am loved by many people, but it seemed like there was something wrong in feeling my own specialness and uniqueness; something wrong in thinking that my presence here on this planet is important and needed. Maybe that was my Catholic upbringing. Now I know that only from that place of deserving can we be truly present for others.

Audrey Archer - Going for the more of my life

Audrey_Archer_PeopleUnlimited_testimonialSince being involved with People Unlimited my life has totally opened up; I have opened up. I now enjoy very deep connections with people, which are nurturing, fun and intense. We constantly spur each other on to go for and enjoy what we are truly capable of, which is so much. I have been able to continuously improve myself over the past 23 years. I spent the first 17 years of my life growing up in a very small house in a village outside of Greater Manchester in the North of England. My family environment was suppressed in the sense that very little emotion of any kind was ever expressed and there was never much physical affection. Both my parents had experienced serious childhood trauma. I was excellent in school, and at the age of nine I was taken to London to test my IQ and was classified as a Gifted Child.

I put a lot of energy into my schoolwork whilst also deriving much pleasure playing piano, taking dance lessons and performing in a couple of theatre shows by the age of 13. I won a scholarship to an all girls private school. But then my parents divorced and I felt very alone, wanting to be strong for others, but getting basically zero emotional support or human touch in a very difficult time.

I gradually slipped into depression, which ran in my family. My father introduced me to Bernie, Chuck and Jim. I first heard them speak about physical immortality in Glastonbury. I still remember approaching the meeting room and hearing a woman’s voice expressing loudly and with a vehemence that I didn’t understand. Later I realized she had a huge passion for living--now that's something to shout about!

I felt welcome immediately, and loved the opportunity to express my feelings fully. I could tell these people genuinely cared. Their desire to create a new way of living based on a deeper level of human interaction excited me. I knew then I wanted to be part of the creation of this new life.

Moving to the US (and the desert) at age 20 was an intense and huge move. I was able to step out in this way because I felt in my body a new unlimited life and a connection with the people who had stirred this in me. I was a quiet, shy young woman. But with People Unlimited gatherings twice a week, I had the forum to expand. I now experience being in the best shape of my life both physically and emotionally. I have more stamina than ever before because I'm building my body FOREVER!! Negativity can no longer get a foothold in my heart or mind. I experience joy and laughter every day. I express my passion in many areas of my life. I now sing and play keyboard with two different bands, which I really love. I am a hair designer and the owner of an Aveda Salon, which I helped to design.

My life is harmonious, loving and fun....and there's always more...

Thank you Bernie, Jim and Chuck for venturing to England to find me. I love you and am with you forever.

Glenn Bourdot - Hard Times Are Over

Glenn_Bordot_PeopleUnlimited_testuimonialI used to take my troubles to heartWaiting for my world just to fall apart I didn’t have the time of day to dance the Bossa Nova Then my buddy told me Hard Times Are Over I had this deep dark lack inside of me I blamed it on the bad economy Hey everybody’s got a shadow mister, I’ll tell you mine Big as Frankenstein (big ass - Frankenstein) I tried and tried to justify Pain was real and joy was no ride I rode the back seat, shame was my chauffeur Now my hand’s on the wheel and the Hard Times Are Over (instrumental)

I tried and tried to justify Life fades away by and by I’ve got no death wish, but I’m a smoker Cause my soul’s on fire and the Hard Times Are Over I couldn’t do this all by myself It takes a lot of big help, so hold on to me Inspire this fire in me I’ll set your body free We’ve got a lover’s feast In this belly of the beast Now you can take it from me, sister, or the man in the moon We’ve all got to learn to laugh too soon We don’t need serious struggling and talking forever We’ve got to drop it now or never All this back-stabbing, booty-grabbing, graveyard pipeline Playing a bit-part in a dead bloodline I’m rolling through it like a Mack bulldozer It’s a brand new day and the Hard Times Are Over Yes, I can feel forever and the Hard Times Are Over

© 2013 Glenn Bourdot

Patrick Van Nuffelen - Feeling whole and one with myself

Life is movement! I love my body now, since getting involved with People Unlimited, because I feel whole and one with myself. I am almost constantly looking for ways to change former abusive patterns into adoring actions, changing mortal behavior into an immortal life. I believe in myself. I create what I go for. But I wasn’t like this when I first met Bernie, Chuck and Jim and People Unlimited. I had so much fear in my life. I was scared of what people would think of me if I didn’t behave the way they wanted me to. Money was another thing I was scared of. I told myself I didn’t need it or want it.

I was impairing myself in so many ways. I had family and friends, but nobody stirred me to make real changes. Also, I was stubborn and thought I knew better than everyone else. Now I am able to listen to people in my life who want the best for me.

I’m focusing on making money because I want heaps of it. I’m using it to care of myself and others and to feel good. Before, my body was not important to me. But now I love myself because I know my body is me. I’m making my life bigger, and it feels good to grow in this way. I’m no longer fighting what is best for me. What a change! I couldn’t have done it without people who continuously remind me that I’m unlimited.

Jodi Selko - Liberated from the relationship trap

jodi_peopleunlimited_testimonialThe last years of my life, being a part of People Unlimited, have been the happiest and most joyful of my life! Wow, it is hard to write in words all that I have experienced since being with this amazing group of people! I realize I don't have to continue to just seek out that "one" special person in my life to share life with! I know I have many people that I can share intimate feelings, depth and daily adventures with, along with my wonderful family! Before I become a member of People Unlimited and a physically immortal body, I had a lot of ups and downs in life. Though my life was also blessed with a wonderful childhood, family, friends and wonderful jobs, I had many years of being in love with people who were not fully available to share life and love with me. I stayed stuck in this sadness and heartache off and on for many years.

Once I broke free of an unhealthy and tumultuous relationship of 7 years and fully opened myself up to experience the community of People Unlimited, my life immediately began to shift. I finally found the depth of connection and nurturing I wanted!

For the first time in my life, since I can remember, I no longer have this feeling of "I am alone" lingering in my mind and making me sad. I have so many beautiful, wonderful, deep and nurturing people to share life with! It fills me with a joy I have never imagined or experienced!

I am transforming myself moment by moment to a whole new way of thinking, feeling and living without limits, and I am connecting deeper and deeper to people that want to share life with me forever! And I am impacting people in my life everywhere, every day. Because each person has so much value to me now, I want to give them my attention and feeling of how important they are in this world!

Ilana Arzt - The strength to succeed

Ilana_PeopleUnlimited_testimonialAfter years of failing relationships, I've joyfully created an intimate living and love life that is complimentary and enjoyable to me. I’ve built a very successful personal training business called Enerjoy Fitness, and I was even able to open my own fitness studio two years ago. This is something I know I would not have had the strength to do without People Unlimited. Since I've been with People Unlimited all aspects of my life have improved dramatically. It is so empowering and life-giving to be surrounded by people who really don't want you to be suppressed in any way. I lived in Israel until the age of 30. I had a good life till then, but as I matured, I felt something missing in my life. This was true, even though I experienced a lot of success, including being the Aerobics Champion of Israel. At age 27, when I met Charles Brown, Bernadeane and Jim Strole in an event on physical immortality, I realized that they were the component I was missing. I knew they were forming the environment of people that would allow me to be free to be who I really am: a physically immortal person.

I realized I was not born to die, but needed the support of human beings in order to thrive and renew myself without end in a life that did not include death. So I moved to Scottsdale AZ to participate in People Unlimited -- my life has been transforming ever since. Now I experience a freedom of living and expression I could never imagine was possible. Even in difficult times, I’ve managed to move through them quickly and come out better because I have people around me who really want me to succeed and have my heart’s desires.

Being in this environment has brought me closer to people and I’ve developed the capacity to relate to many different kinds of people. All my relationships with my family members have improved and I'm able to be around them with total ease. My health has never been better. Wow, what a great way to live!

Dimitri Larno - Taking my responsibility to live fully

dimitri_larno_peopleunlimited_testimonialI moved to Scottsdale just over seventeen years ago to participate in People Unlimited. It was the best move I ever made! I used to feel I had no future – now I know I have one. Once it was hard for me to see that I'm responsible for what takes place in my life. This separated me from people, whom I was generally suspicious of. I never gave or received much physical affection, now I'm a hugger! I’m living a fuller life than ever before. I was born in Belgium. When I was five my parents decided to fulfill one of their hippie aspirations and moved to the countryside of Andalucía, in southern Spain. We lived on a mountainside ranch about twelve kilometers from the nearest village (population 2000). There was no access to the property by motorized vehicle, just a path about two feet wide that could only be traveled by foot, donkey or horseback. There was no electricity and no running water. We raised chickens, hogs and goats.

Since the nearest school was a two-hour trip one-way by foot, I did not attend. At the age of nine my parents had my first brother, and two years later they had boy number three. Now with two more kids my parents struggled to provide the basic necessities and there was a lot of tension between them. I went to work for a neighbor who was a goat herder in exchange for food and shelter. I was in charge of about two thousand goats. I drank, ate and slept with them.

When I was fourteen, we moved back to Belgium. I struggled in school. My father who had a flair for drinking and being abusive got worse as time went on. Somewhere along the way I got excited about dancing. Every day after school and every weekend I would get together with a couple of other delinquent teenagers and practice. After they went home for the day, I usually stayed on and kept practicing just to avoid being at home.

After about four years of this, I went to an audition for a professional dance company and was accepted. It was a dream come true. I was often on TV, traveled to different countries in Europe and I was hanging out and working with celebrities. But after a couple of years the novelty wore off and I felt just as lonely as ever. My life became increasingly more depressing -- I was somewhat of a celebrity myself now, working my dream job, making a bit more money. I had a girlfriend and my own apartment -- but I saw no future!

In the meantime my mom had gone totally nuts. She began talking about physical immortality and she began saying SHE was physically immortal. And as if that wasn't enough, she now also wanted me to come with her to meet "other immortals”. Her friends proceeded to tell me how beautiful and inspiring I was, which I had never heard. Some even tried to kiss and hug me, really! The last time I was kissed and hugged by anyone was... well, I didn't remember!

But it wasn’t until I heard Charles Brown, Bernadeane, and James Strole of People Unlimited speak that I knew what my next move needed to be. I moved to Scottsdale about sixteen months later, and the changes have been coming ever since.

I used to be somewhat of a loner, uncomfortable in social situations, impatient and irritable with people. It used to be hard for me to express my love and affection for others. But through my involvement with People Unlimited, I’ve learned to open up. I’m less in my head and more in my body. I used to live in survival mode and not even know that that was what was driving me. Now it comes up less and when it does I'm aware of it and can do something about it. I now take total responsibility for my life, which means the victim is gone from my life forever.