People Unlimited Longevity Coaching Future

New coaching program provides practical guidance on how to make it happen.

Is your future looking exciting? Do you know how you can benefit from new scientific results in longevity medicine, nutrition and exercise? Do you have a deep desire to live a long and healthy life?

Otto Siegel Longevity Coaching People Unlimited

Otto Siegel, owner and founder of Genius Coaching, and a People Unlimited member, has created the Longevity Coaching program, for living radical life extension. According to Siegel, this new program focuses on the key point that you now “have a biological choice” to “die within a ‘normal’ range of years”, or to “actively engage in extending you own life span”. So which one do you choose?

Otto’s 6-month program will guide you through creating a “50-year plan for your life”, which is a lot more extensive than the regular 5 or 10-year plan society focuses on. The plan will focus on improving quality of life, and exploring the best resources available to strengthen body, mind and soul, including the potential of regenerative medicine, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, new FDA approved trials and anti-aging drugs.

Siegel’s coaching program is just one example of the work People Unlimited members are doing to support and enrich the super longevity lifestyle. Members receive a wealth of information and inspiration that they can apply both professionally and personally.

For more information on Longevity Coaching with Otto Siegel, you can visit call 602-283-4527.


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