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People Unlimited ushered in the New Year with inspiration, science, breakthroughs and celebration.

Another year is history and as always People Unlimited celebrated moving out the old and bringing in the new together; not just a new year, but a new life in all its facets. James Strole and Bernadeane were in fine form leading the way with their powerful inspiration, and soon a theme began to emerge - ‘radical life expansion’ - which was quickly picked up and explored by People Unlimited members. 

People Unlimited longevity life extension

Jim and Bernie show how living with a sense of urgency, breaking out of complacency, getting more physical about being responsible creators of prosperous, healthy lives, and bringing people together with huge purpose to end aging and death, is a revolution in which we can all make our unique contribution.

People Unlimited Dr David Steenblock longevity

Breakthrough information and education was brought in by valued guests, both online and in person. Dr. Michael Smith from the Life Extension Foundation advisory panel opened the first of several in-depth presentations on age reversal and life extension technology, with a discussion on building a healthy microbiome. Dr. Smith suggested that using a combination of bacteriophage technology to remove entrenched destructive bacteria from the gut, as well as adding in healthy bacteria from probiotics, is a more effective strategy than probiotics alone.

Dr. David Steenblock from Personalized Regenerative Medicine, visited from California, bringing his extensive experience of treating patients for many decades, with various modalities of cutting edge age reversal medicine. A pioneer in stem cell technology, he believes in an empirical multi-faceted approach to treating diseases caused by aging, and is a huge resource of practical knowledge in this field.

People Unlimited Dr Ed Park, telomeres longevity

Other presenters were Brian Delaney co-author of the Longevity Diet, who also works with Bill Faloon of the Life Extension Foundation, and the Society for the Rescue of Our Elders. He discussed various trials of new age reversal modalities either in progress or in the planning stages, and Phil Micans from International Antiaging Systems (IAS), who gave an in-depth presentation on melatonin from an anti-aging perspective. Phil also discussed the Russian peptide revolution, switching genes on and off with short chain peptides, which appears to be another breakthrough approach to longevity in the near future.  Dr. Ed Park discussed telomerase activation medicine to extend healthy lifespans and predicted that aging will soon become a choice.

People Unlimited members

Entertainment was a highlight of the event, with many varied and outstanding performances, among which was some great music from the band Living Proof, a trio of singers featuring Jim Strole, and some more inspirational singing accompanied by the beautiful Bernadeane on piano, as well as a sensual belly dance. Add to the mix all the moving, stirring expressions of unlimited living from highly intelligent, forward-looking individuals, including the People Unlimited children, as well as the most receptive and enthusiastic audience in the world, and you get a sense of the fun and excitement of a People Unlimited week-long event.

Top it off with a sparkling, lavish New Year’s Eve party to cut loose with the people you love to spend forever with, and you have the complete holiday celebration to start off a new year of breakthrough living.

Directed by James Strole and Bernadeane, People Unlimited is an educational, lifestyle and social organization for people interested in radical life extension and physical immortality. For more information on People Unlimited events and initiatives, go to or call 480-949-4344.