People Unlimited Yoga Radical Life Extension

A recent Ageless Education segment at People Unlimited.

The relevance of the ancient art and science of yoga in today’s radical life extension environment was the topic for Ageless Education on March 3rd, 2017.

People Unlimited Nicole Deacon Yoga

Nicole Deacon, of The Foundry Yoga, which provides Bikram Yoga classes, discussed the different benefits of the hot environment in which Bikram Yoga is practiced. Firstly it causes the body to sweat, which releases excess toxins. The cells are oxygenated, bringing more nutrients to the cells so they reproduce more healthy cells. The body is rejuvenated by movement, and the 26 postures used, benefit every single ligament, joint, muscle and organ in the body.

People Unlimited Bikram Yoga

Secondly, hot yoga calms the nervous system. The conscious breathing practiced in the class is a bridge from the sympathetic to the parasympathetic nervous system, where rest, healing and cellular repair occur naturally. Breathing through the positive stresses of the class also helps people deal better with stress in general.  

Nicole’s presentation brought together the benefits of deep breathing, deep relaxation and nourishing movement in a very physical way. It really highlighted the importance for anyone interested in radical life extension to eliminate the undue stresses of busy daily lives in order to tap into cellular vibrancy.

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