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PRP, skin rejuvenation, hair restoration and optimal sexual health discussed at People Unlimited.

Drs. Robinson and Dr. Bosch of The Hormone Zone, affectionately known as the Sex Docs, brought information on the use of PRP (platelet-rich plasma) for skin rejuvenation, hair restoration and optimal sexual health to People Unlimited members in their recent presentation in the Ageless Education series.

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PRP is extracted from the individual’s own blood and contains several growth factors which stimulate the production of stem cells and growth hormone, leading to healing and rejuvenation of the area injected. This is preferable to fillers in facial rejuvenation, because collagen and new blood vessels are created, which heal and rebuild rather than being just cosmetic enhancement. PRP injections have also shown success in stimulating new hair growth in men and women.

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Drs. Robinson & Bosch also discussed improvement in sexual response for both men and women as a result of a new procedure, the O (Orgasm) shot for women and the P shot for men. In women, PRP is injected into an area near the clitoris and inside the vagina, stimulating the growth of new cells and rejuvenation of vaginal tissue. This improves sensitivity in women suffering from sexual dysfunction or lack of sensitivity, and improves sexual pleasure and intensity of orgasm. Stress incontinence, a common problem in many women, is also helped by the O shot. Relief can be long-term from one procedure, or may need to be repeated in a year or more.

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Similarly, the P (Priapus) shot for men, is an injection of PRP into the penis. It is a non-surgical male enhancement procedure for men seeking a natural approach to improve sensitivity and size during erections and improve sexual performance. It helps with erectile dysfunction from many different causes.

The best part about PRP is that it is an exciting rejuvenation treatment available right now for anyone interested in looking good, feeling good and enjoying healthy sexuality beyond the limitations of age.

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