Genius Coaching shares how People Unlimited members can expand their learning capabilities.

Life coach Otto Siegel, founder of Genius Coaching, offered some fascinating insights on learning for forever. Here are some highlights:

Learning is one of the six basic biological human needs, along with connecting, breathing, drinking, eating and moving. Human beings have a natural biological passion to learn; we began in the womb. However, knowledge is only satisfying and lasting if it stimulates the whole body; we need a balance between facts and feelings. Standardized learning is boring and repetitive because it is mostly intellectually-based.

Learning is a way of life for People Unlimited members and radical life extension advocates, because there are constantly new things to learn about living. We need to learn in a dynamic, selective way that impacts our quality of life, expands our innate body wisdom and stimulates change, not just adds to our knowledge store.

Otto also discussed how people vary in their learning styles. For ease of learning it is important to get in touch with our individual style. He invited People Unlimited members to take a simple test to find out their own style, through the Genius Coaching website.

During the presentation Otto gave some practical tips for unlimited learning to make it fun, emotional and fascinating, as well as ways to practice learning retention, such as teaching others to do something, which increases our own retention by 90%. Also interesting was a discussion about reading, photo-reading and retention.

As always, Otto is a mine of information for Ageless Education, but a greater example of learning made fun and exciting for radically alive people.

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