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Cerulean diagnostics show great improvements in People Unlimited members’ rejuvenation, cellular health and conditioning.  

As part of their health and wellness lifestyle, some People Unlimited members underwent medical grade diagnostics at Cerulean Advanced Fitness & Wellness, to gain knowledge about their level of health, set goals for improvement and measure progress.

They were then retested after a month or two of participating in Cerulean environment-based healing modalities. Tests included cardiopulmonary exercise testing to measure heart and lung age, and body composition testing to measure body composition, hydration and cellular health.

People Unlimited had participated in cryotherapy to oxygenate the body, reduce inflammation and slow aging, as well as cellular repair therapy to decrease oxidative stress in the body, and all had shown measurable improvement in their rejuvenation, cellular health and conditioning.

All members reported receiving anti-aging benefits when re-measured. It was very exciting news for all those interested in healthy life extension, showing how we can take charge of impacting our own anti-aging outcomes, and benefit from the many cutting edge modalities that Ageless Education is highlighting.

Directed by James Strole and Bernadeane, People Unlimited is an educational, lifestyle and social organization for people interested in radical life extension and physical immortality. For more information on People Unlimited events and initiatives, go to www.peopleunlimitedinc.com or call 480-949-4344.