The People Unlimited Summer Celebration on physical Immortality and radical life extension was held this year in beautiful Telluride, Colorado. I was very excited to leave 110 degrees of desert heat and drive to the cool clear mountains to immerse myself for a week with 100+ like-minded individuals all gathered for the same purpose of focusing on radical life extension and physical immortality. There is a unique magic that happens when that many dedicated people leave their daily routines for a week to focus solely on the celebration of unlimited living, but I can tell you for sure that I left there transformed, refreshed, inspired and overflowing, as did everyone else who attended. So much happened during the week but there were definite highlights for me. It began with the opening night entertainment by Kevin Brown and company. This was an exciting multi-media production of live music, electronic music and dance, intermixed with visual images on screen of various prominent or famous individuals with their quotes about radical life extension and/or physical immortality. There were quotes dating back as far as Benjamin Franklin and Abraham Lincoln and as current as Ray Kurzweil, Woody Allen and Bruce Willis, to name a few. It was very touching to me to feel these hearts. I loved Kevin's passion to present inspiration from many sources to open our event; it was really beautiful and an expansive beginning.

Actually, the daily entertainment throughout the week was outstanding and a highlight in itself. So much variety was offered, truly food for the soul; from rocking it out with the band, to Latin rhythms, belly dancing, lyrical dance, show dance, inspirational singing, as well as an amazing performance of strength and power of the human body by Ilana and Dimitri that brought me to tears.

Dr. Bill Andrews People UnlimitedThe events themselves were also rich in variety and expansiveness, with much emphasis on scientific and physical intelligence content. This is where our physical immortality has led us today - deep into the physical realm. I am excited by the explosion of scientific progress in the field of radical life extension today. I particularly enjoyed hearing the presentations from our visiting scientists, feeling their passion for their subjects and their joy at having such wonderful feedback and communication from wide-open people instead of closed minds in the audience. It was really nourishing to see Michael Greve, Bill Andrews and Molly Sheridan blossom in the warmth of our welcome and to hear their expressions when they left us filled up and enriched from the connection.

People Unlimited Summer CelebrationMolly was such a beautiful woman, so generous and enthusiastic - I was inspired by her story of starting from nowhere to become the most successful female ultra marathon runner in the world just because she wanted to see how far she could go! What a gift she brought to our midst, truly an unlimited body, and I was very touched by her passion to inspire people to have fun moving. The morning of the 5K was special for me because of all of us doing it together. I didn't run, I walked, but felt wonderful being in the flow with my group, and the time went by really fast until I received my medal at the end, feeling like I had accomplished something great!

If I could sum up the whole week and how it transformed me I would have to say it was being in a flow with others. I experienced more joy of intimacy in that week than in all my life before. I felt an ease of opening to the unknown in the presence of my own kind that was so relaxing. I truly felt unlimited, maybe for the first time ever in such a physical way. I felt I was part of an organic biological flow. People Unlimited James Strole BernadeaneIt was palpable to me, like a pulsating organ, a blood flow, a heartbeat of us,that we were one and there was a power of us that could achieve anything - we could heal, we could create, we could expand. I experienced that whatever we would focus on it would come about. And with that feeling came a call from Jim Strole that I heard loud and clear in a new way. He asked us - where is our urgency? I realized that if we could do anything then we needed to do something really big. Why be small when you can be big? Why settle for mediocre when you can change the world?

I realized our physical immortality comes from our being together. It is a by-product of a connected life, not something we aspire to as a lone identity. That is an illusion of the mind. We can't escape the reality of flesh and blood, touch, responsibility, accountability, physicality and change. Physical immortality is not a social revolution, it is a biological revolution. We can't fake being alive and we can't bypass each other. Science may have answers to radical life extension in terms of greater health for the body and ending the scourge of human aging, suffering and disease, but the human being is still incredibly creative and will no doubt continue to find ways to die if we do not open our hearts to one another and remove the sentence of death. To find the courage to search our souls and open to a touch that comes only from another person is our genius at People Unlimited and our unique contribution to the coalition for radical life extension.

I took on who I am in Telluride. I finally received myself. I moved, gave my passion, let my love and wisdom flow and was built in return. My people raised me "so high I can see forever" as Bernie so beautifully expresses, and I am left with a loud call from the deep of me to move with Bernie and Jim to create a future of freedom and joy for all who can live it.