Art's Personal Expression: Telluride Summer Celebration 2015

"This life is a wonderful life to live. Meet and be together for this breakthrough week-long event... Summer Celebration 2015!" ~ Art, Valued Community Member at People Unlimited Inc. In this great video, Art, a valued Community Member at People Unlimited Inc., shares his personal expression and heartfelt excitement for the upcoming

Telluride Summer Celebration 2015 on July 11! "Connect With Others. Learn The Science. Live Forever Today." Our event numbers are growing everyday, and come to play and learn in Telluride, Colorado! Please visit the People Unlimited Inc. website for tickets and booking information at

Held at The Peaks Resort and Spa amidst the incredible Uncompahgre National Forest, you can come to speak, feel, and share the science and personal wisdom of our uplifting community! For those that have already found radical life extension (RLE), you are in for some amazing new information and science updates. And for all others, come to absorb more of your wonderful life to live! Questions and Requests? Call Michelle Andrews at 480-949-4344. (c) 2015 People Unlimited Inc. Video editing by Doug Morris.

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