Natasha Vita-More, thought leader in transhumanism featured next in People Unlimited's Leaders of Radical Life Extension speaker series

People Unlimited’s Leaders of Radical Life Extension speaker series continues on May 16th at the People Unlimited Center in Scottsdale, AZ with transhumanism thought leader, Natasha Vita-More.

Natasha Vita-More - People Unlimited

A Fellow of the Institute for Ethics & Emerging Technologies, Board Chair of Humanity+ and a Professor at the University of Advancing Technology, Natasha has been a visiting lecturer at Stanford, Harvard, UCLA, and Aalto Universities. Her writings address emerging technologies with social narratives on human futures, what she calls “Ageless Thinking” and the “Regenerative Generation”, including the visionary and ethical outcomes of biotechnology, human-computer interfaces, and the Singularity.

At People Unlimited, Natasha will discuss transhumanism, for which she wrote the manifesto in 1983, and how the movement was created. People Unlimited is pleased to have the opportunity to host Natasha, as we continue our speaker series featuring some of the most definitive voices in radical life extension today, including Dr. Bill Andrews, Max More, and Aubrey de Grey, who will speak in June.

Be sure to attend on May 16th to hear Natasha Vita-Moore:

Location: People Unlimited Event Center. 9380 E. Bahia Drive. Suite A101. Scottsdale, AZ 85260 Time: 11AM - 4PM

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