We are stirring the fire at People Unlimited these days – the fire to live. I have been loving our recent events. Each night together has been building the fire high. We have been getting in touch with the soul of the body that hungers to live beyond everything. That hunger is a drive that fires up the body to keep moving past all the limits. People die because they finally give up on themselves. We will never give up. We know we don’t have to. We are stirring the fire and feeding each other the soul nourishment that satisfies us and gives us heart to keep going. All fires need fuel. We are that fuel for one another and we are ready to light up the world! In reality, we do not have to work at living abundantly, we have to let go. Being physically immortal is naturally who we are. We already have everything we need inside to be all that we want to be, but we do have to let go of who we are not in order to live free of death. Connecting with people who see who you really are and will remind you when you forget is vital. I would never be able to sustain my energy and joy, let alone my immortality, without being in the presence of those I can experience the flow and exchange of life with.

If you have a fire inside, the best thing you can do is be with people who don’t want to put that out, but want to fan the flames. There are too many people in this world that don’t want you really alive, it is too challenging for them. If you are really excited it forces them to see how dull they are feeling. But it’s so great to wake up and not accept the drudgery of this world. It’s exciting to feel something fresh and brand new for the flesh. There is so much new technology but what’s new where human beings are concerned? We are generating atomic energy at People Unlimited and it’s coming from flesh. It’s what the body is supposed to be, what the body truly is when relieved of the sentence of death. Does that possibility stir you at all? Do you feel any fire in your gut to check it out? I’ll be here, along with a whole bunch of passionate individuals who will blow you away with their brilliance and humanity.