Immortalizing the world is our new call to action at People Unlimited. Really, it is the call to action for every person who is physically immortal because we do not tolerate death well. We feel the joy of living free and we want others to feel it too. Jim Strole and Bernadeane are the ones who are out front stirring the big wake-up of immortalizing the world and I would like to dedicate this blog to them and tell you a little bit about them. I want you to know why you need to meet them and join all of us who are going for a deathless world. They are the founders of People Unlimited, which is their business model to do their work of touching people. Their individual genius is that they speak about physical immortality and reach out to make a forever connection with people who respond. They are not trying to recruit members; they love people and are out to find our own kind. Yes, we are a different species of human being. We are the future of this world. Physical immortality is the next step in development for humankind. Whether you believe that or not is not important. We have already experienced that we are physically immortal now and nothing can change that. It is already established in the flesh. The only question is…will you join in?

Above all, beyond the enormous purpose they exhibit through their work of immortalizing the world, Jim and Bernie are wonderful human beings that are just a treat to be around. They are passionate, intimate, warm, welcoming, direct, touchable, reachable, compassionate, fiery, electric, stirring, provoking, soulful, funny, heartfelt, beautiful physical bodies inside and out. Just the way I like my people to be! I joke, but really they are the whole package and more. When I met them I experienced a forever connection in the flesh that will never be broken; it is a bond stronger than death.

I hope you will get in touch with being physically immortal and not have to die. Believe me, immortalizing the world is a lot of fun.