Welcome to a new year and a new opportunity to move for your physical immortality now. Expansion is the hot topic at People Unlimited right now and we are exploding with new change in that direction. I am blown away by the transformation I am seeing in people as we are moving together for expansion in all areas of our lives, but especially in bringing the good news to more and more people who have not yet heard that they don't have to fade away and die. Every event is literally life-altering. We are generating so much excitement that it is electric together. We are moving faster than our own controls, faster than the speed of our limited minds. We are abandoned to the hunger of our immortal soul to be free and the only real freedom is freedom from death itself.

It is a wonderful thing to witness people break out of their confines and come more alive than they ever dreamed they could be. Such is the state of a free body. It never gets old to see someone break away from their death urges and start glowing as new life floods them with light. Whether it's someone you have known for years or someone you have never met before, feeling their transformation and rebirth is pure joy. It affects everybody and we all surge forward together.

We are looking for our own, people who want to live and build a new world fit for passionate people to explore the unknown in peace and prosperity. Our kind is full of adventure, ready for change and new excitement, ready to build others and share what they have to give of themselves. Do you feel you are one of those people?  If so, we need you and you need us. It's time to take action now.

Physical immortality is a speeding train moving. Jump aboard and experience the joys of expansion for yourself.