Wow! Two days into our week-long summer event at People Unlimited and we have already travelled light-years!  We are moving faster than the speed of thought, quickening our bodies with the atomic energy that is produced when we come together.  There is no greater excitement, no greater pleasure in this world than to feel people coming more alive, letting go and melting away all the controls from their flesh.

Physical immortality is people… precious, wonderful, beautiful, passionate people, full of fire to live, daring to face together everything that would hold us back from physically manifesting the freedom from death that we feel is our birthright.  Physical, physical, physical.  We are organically physically immortal, not mentally immortal.  This is no mind-trip.  It is too painful to believe one thing and live another.  I have been aware of the difference for years and have fought many battles within myself to end the split between mind and body.  I have had to watch so many beautiful people die that I cared for greatly who did not get really physical with their immortality.  This topic is a huge focus for us during this event and much needed because we cannot live in duality and we don't want to lose any more people.  It's a wonderful thing to be able to explore the depths together and bring about real and lasting transformation that would be impossible to experience alone.  Being physically immortal brings us home to the sacredness of flesh and a physical connection that goes way beyond family, friendship, personality, gender or country.

Tonight as I reflect while writing this, I am simply overflowing with love and appreciation for the people I am privileged to share my life with.  I will sleep peacefully tonight with gratitude in my heart and a deep rest in my nervous system.