I am physically immortal and I feel great!  I feel my life surging through my blood.  I am strong and unstoppable.  When faced with any kind of opposition in myself or others, I find an unlimited supply of energy rising to counteract, to lift and to build.  I have untapped resources that are there when I need them.  This is organic living, having everything I need when I need it to nourish and keep my flesh and those around me.

It is a wonderful life and I am grateful every day to be connected to a different strand of living in this world.  We are a different species of human being.  Physical immortality is not an extension time on a regular way of life.  Many people are appalled at the idea of living forever because they think of it in terms of time only and it's not an attractive prospect to have more time to struggle.  But it's not that.  Together we have lifted the burdens of life and have tapped into an endless wellspring of joy that carries us through our days with ease, even when we face difficult things.  Real living has challenges of course, but I am not an empty vessel on a journey of survival.  I am filled with creation because I hear the sound of forever loud in my flesh and I feel my people stirring within me.  All this comes when you tap into the true life source of the immortal physical body.

I invite all with a hunger to experience true greatness of humanity to be with us.  The People Unlimited summer event is in a week.  Take a break from your routine and join us in Scottsdale for an unparalleled voyage of discovery that will change everything for you...