We are deep into the Arizona summer heat and have been on a vacation break at People Unlimited.  We don't take a break from being physically immortal, just from our daily routines and work schedules.  We are fun-loving people and it's wonderful to build our lives to include plenty of rest, adventure, travel, whatever turns us on, so that when we come together again we are excited to give to one another fresh and new.  I am looking forward to being with my people this weekend, to plunge into the flow of immortal flesh energy of our collective body like jumping into a beautiful sparkling pool on a hot day.

The move is on right now to get really physical with organic immortality. We cannot live to the fullest in our imagination only.  I keep saying that immortality is not a belief system, it is who I am, but there is more and more depth to give to all the time about that.  I am consumed with making it a reality in every area of my life.  My nervous system is my signal of whether I'm moving true to being physically immortal on a moment by moment basis. When I am in trouble in my nervous system I know I need to take action and when I do I am at rest. If I don't get in touch physically with what I need, I am in some sort of pain, very simple. There is a language of the body that is so simple and so powerful, we just have to listen and move.  It doesn't always feel easy because sometimes there can be so many layers of resistance, but struggle in itself is a symptom of the body.  It is a signpost of change for the physically immortal person.

We are ending the downward spiral of death by our determination not to settle for less than the full manifestation of an immortal life that we can really enjoy.  It is the life of champions and we all get medals who have the guts to go for it.