I'm excited.  I feel stirred, unstoppable, joyful.  I am organically physically immortal and my joy comes from being filled up with my life and my daily movement as a deathless body.  I'm so thankful it does not depend on things outside of me that I have no control over.  But I do have everything to say about what I let into my domain, how I feel, the actions I take, what I think and give to during the day, and what I dream about at night.

Sometimes I wake in the night and instead of worrying, which was a chronic pattern for me for so many years, I now think about the blessings of my life.  I feel my people, other physically immortal people that are my life-blood.  I give attention to those that come to my mind.  I bless them and send them my energy.  I see myself touching them, penetrating their bodies beyond just a skin touch deep into their organs and cells, knowing there is no distance between us, we are fluid, we are one.  It's a wonderful thing to feel my energy flowing in that way and I am so soothed that I go back into a blissful sleep.  It might seem like a small thing to have stopped the night-time worries, but it's been a huge relief for me.

So many changes take place when you claim your physical immortality and start moving true to that, but sooner or later it becomes a natural way of life.  You forget who you used to be and stop thinking about needing to change.  It is just organically who you are to move on, let go and drop away everything that hinders your aliveness, like every other biological function of the physical body.  With physical immortality comes immense simplicity of living and genuine emotions untainted by past experiences and old scar tissue.  It truly is a freedom that needs to be experienced to be believed.  I invite you to this weekend's event at People Unlimited to taste of delights that you have never felt before.