Happy to be alive and physically immortal now. Not waiting to get good enough to live forever but knowing it is already who I am. It was who I was born to be even when I didn't know it, but somehow in my basically numb state of being I followed a trail in my life until I heard about physical immortality from a tape that someone gave me to listen to. Hearing that I created my reality with my thoughts and that death was part of my creation,and that if I became conscious of what I was doing I could change that to living forever, was a mind-blower for me. The funny thing is, it made perfect sense to me. I felt no resistance whatsoever to the idea of physical immortality; if living or dying was in my hands to control, why would I choose otherwise?

When people reject physical immortality they forget that they will have to experience a whole bunch of pain and suffering before they actually lay down and die. The body has an inbuilt hunger for survival and will fight to live as long as it possibly can, despite what the mind has decided for it. But people actually forget this until faced with the horrible realities, when usually it is way too late to change the outcome. It's very easy to arrogantly dismiss the idea of living forever when in good health and happiness, although to me it's ignorant and short-sighted.

After deciding I could create being physically immortal, which certainly changed my life some, at least in terms of self-development, it was a couple of years before I finally came face to face with the people I was to come home to, never to leave. I recognized my own kind and made the fleshly connection. My search was over and I began a whole new life, no longer a lone identity in this world struggling to make a difference, but a collective body with passion, purpose and direction. That is who I am today, who I will always be. I am organically physically immortal, creating heaven on earth with others of my species, an environment fit to live and thrive in for anyone who feels the same. Truly an exciting adventure and we have barely scratched the surface so far. So much to look forward to in a future that never ends.