Living physical immortality now is all about enjoying life to the fullest every day. Physical immortality is the ultimate wake-up to our highest potential. When we wake up to our true possibilities and and start getting deathless feedback from our our kind, we see that we can maintain a state of joy every day no matter what is going on, as nothing is bigger than us. My own joy is endless today and I have seen so many others completely deliver themselves from depression and anxiety since embracing their physical immortality.

We need to hear from one another that we are worthy now to live forever and feel the excitement to transform everything from a whole state of being. We can move ourselves right into a brand new reality because the future belongs to us. We can be loving and patient with ourselves because we are only subject to time when we are in a state of decay and inertia, not when we are moving for our lives. It is a choice we make every day, every moment, and we embrace that with passion.

 Priorities change and new decisions are made when we drop our addiction to death. Is there anything better than feeling good? I don't think so. I'm not rich (yet) but I have an ongoing investment in my flesh that I am very proud of; I can't see anything better to invest in. My financial investments have never paid off as well as putting money down on my staying around forever. I know that even my financial prosperity will grow as I feel more and more health, energy and inspiration. Working out and eating good is just part of that equation. None of it makes much difference without tapping into the feeling of being an immortal electric body who was born to live and not die, and for that you need to come face to face with the new species.