I have been so enjoying the freedom of living physically immortal now, feeling acutely aware of how different it is to live a deathless life versus living from a death consciousness. We have to face the same things that all people do in building a healthy, prosperous life, but everything about how we approach what we experience is different.

One of the huge differences is that we look at life from a safe place. Having removed an end to ourselves from the equation, we can face all our changes without fear. Another obvious difference is that we are not alone. Bernie had a beautiful expression the other night that we are her strength. I felt her so deeply, with such great love and appreciation that I am her strength, as she is mine. I feel the power of that every day now.

I always wanted to be free of the smallness and helplessness I felt as a lone identity and now I am breaking out of that. For one thing, I am experiencing a wonderful flow with the people who are nourishing and building me. I am very melted with them and that is making changes so much easier than I ever experienced before. We can make quantum leaps together when we have each other's backs. That we are and always will be together forever is settled in our flesh and that is the source of our great joy and energy to live without suppression.

Before I woke up to my physical immortality I lived most of my life in a numbed-out state. If you are a sensitive person, it is not safe to feel very much in a death-oriented world, but if you have the privilege of meeting true immortal people and start feeling the resonance of their deathless sound in your flesh, you will be able to open up and start seeing everything real. Of course, you might not like everything you see when you wake up, but at least you will have the power to take charge and transform it, and living physical immortality is a cumulative effect; we get better at it all the time. That brings me to another obvious difference. Immortals are not waiting for miracles, we are miraculous movers. We are planning for our future, not planning our death.

When we rebirth ourselves out of a split life, the DNA changes and we can never go back to being those old personalities ever again. It is as if the people we used to be literally die out and give way to a new us. We are not subject to time because we are no longer measuring our life by 70 or 80 years or dividing it up into young, middle-aged or old. Our lives have no end point, therefore there is no middle either. We are vibrant each and every day and we are removing the limitations of age. So much of what we call sickness and aging anyway is lifestyle disease and we are totally turning that around. That is why I am so grateful that Bernie intervened in my laziness to take good care of my body because that is all I really have. If I let my body go down, I am showing that I am still addicted to death and that will not be tolerated. By the way, I have started working out again, this time forever, never to stop, and have lost 5 pounds since Bernie penetrated my denseness with her laser beam touch… so much to be thankful for, so much living to do.