My last blog came home to me in a very personal and physical way the other evening at People Unlimited when I experienced a potent physically immortal person, beautiful BernaDeane, keeping my life. Yes, she called me by name and told me that she was done with my overweight. She wasn't waiting for me to be done with it, she was done. I experienced it as a laser beam into my nervous system. I felt the uncompromizing passion of Bernie fighting for me to be everything I can and should be... for me, for her, for our immortality. She was angry with my complacency for having settled for less than an abundantly free, slim and healthy body and she did not hesitate to let me know that I needed to do something about it now. I was deeply impacted and went home in silence, immediately went to bed and let her touch work in my body overnight.

The next morning, communicating with my partner, for he too was touched by Bernie in the same way about excess weight, we went deeper together with what exactly had happened to us. I saw that Bernie had stepped into our lives in a very intimate way and if we gave our full and conscious consent to her intervention she was standing in between us and our addiction, cutting it off. In short, I experienced her taking the place of my addiction and I was deeply grateful for her potent movement with us. This is the intimacy of physically immortal living that I was talking about last week. Because I have experienced the power of our flesh together to end all suffering and limitation, I had made myself ready for such a moment and I'm thankful to say that today I am transformed. Joe Bardin talked about the difference between transformation and change the same evening and I am experiencing that first-hand. My transformation took place when Bernie penetrated me and I received her. The physical everyday movement and change that follows is where the results will show up. It was so much more than someone just telling me to lose weight; it was a call for my very life, to manifest everything that being physically immortal calls for. And I, being that physically immortal person, say a huge YES… to Bernie, to myself… to the hunger of my soul that pulled Bernie closer to me, that she and I together can do something that I could not do without her.

I am beyond grateful, I am blessed, and every day I get clearer and clearer that there is no power on earth stronger than our unbreakable immortal connection. There is no individual condition of death that is more unyielding than the power of the whole, and nothing that cannot be outlived and changed if we are willing to face everything together. We are unstoppable bodies moving forward with our momentum of joy and excitement to be who we are in this world, a new species of human being. The power of transformation is in our souls and our adventure of physical immortality has just begun.