Physical immortality is an intimate life. We are finding that the greatest power on earth, stronger even than death, is the purposeful human connection. I say purposeful connection because it is vital to choose which people you wish you align yourself with in this world. Death is a powerful way to connect and most have joined that cult without ever consciously choosing anything. By default, everyone is enrolled when they are born and it is a very productive club… death is 100% satisfaction guaranteed, no money back and no second chances. On the other hand, we are discovering that there is another form of oneness that also yields results… oneness in unlimited organic living forever right now. We are finding that passion is a potent force when unleashed to build flesh, passion for each other to live free of the stinking programs that lead to decay and ultimately death. This is a new living, never before experienced. We are exploring uncharted territory for the physical body, and we are having fun and thriving while doing it, so we keep stepping into the unknown, finding it is safe to delve deeper into one other.

Although many people are terrified of intimacy, we are finding that it is more relaxing to the nervous system than separation and secrecy. Living life out in the open, with nothing to hide and no boundaries or belief systems to defend, is a huge relief and very enlivening. The oneness we are experiencing is a recognition and respect for the wholeness of every immortal person because of the ultimate value of our flesh. The end to intimidation comes only when there is the total receiving of each person, not in equality, but in uniqueness. There is no intimacy to be found in a hierarchy. We receive each other for who we really are and love the differences. Thus each person becomes a fully contributing and mature member of the whole, with all talents and skills thrown in for the building of our new world. Some are leaders, some are not. Each is valuable, irreplaceable and cherished.

To appreciate this kind of living we have to grow up and be responsible to lay down the ego once and forever, because we realize that it is obsolete, excess baggage. We require from one another, it is not an unconditional togetherness. We go for the best, we raise the bar high with each other and we get the quality we go for. We all feel physical immortality is not only possible but is our very reason for being born, our purpose and destiny to bring an end to death on this planet. That is the great leveler, the great coming together. We have come home to one another, never to run, leave or let go, and that is how we keep each other's lives. Each person is indelibly imprinted in our flesh and that is a bond stronger than death.