Physical immortality is all about enjoying life to the fullest. Today I spent time with my little grandson who is 17 months old, full of energy and exploration, unstoppable, determined, affectionate. I love that I can have lots of fun with him and love him passionately without having to take on the role of 'grandma', even though his parents are determined to call me that! I can play on the floor with him and let him show me where he wants to go and what he wants to learn and be his willing partner. I don't feel old with him because being physically immortal I have removed that program from my consciousness. I am an ageless, deathless body, not bound by the number of years I have been here. I am a more developed individual now because of the higher life I have given to over the past 25 years. I am much wiser and more caring to guide a small person today than I was as a mother. I have awareness of the need to build and nourish people that I didn't have in my previous death-oriented life; I am no longer self-centered. I have more energy and interest in living than I ever had, more passion, more empathy, more understanding. Yes, I have experienced some things with my body I don't like, but not because of aging. It is because at times I have failed to move in a consistent, progressive way to keep my body and build it healthier and stronger. I have my battles with laziness, addiction, duality… but it's my responsibility to make a difference in my own life and keep moving for the changes I know I need. I am not willing to give up on myself no matter what I experience. I am not intimidated by 'middle age' because I recognize the family program and I have in me a strong no to death as well as a yes to living.

There is absolutely no downside to being physical immortal. The longer we're here the better we can be if we stay in the flow of the living, make the moves we need to make and give to being nourished and filled up with ourselves. Why should only babies be lavished with attention, hugs and kisses? Adults do not need any less nourishment than babies, we are all physical bodies. Most people are starving for a real touch in their lives and that is a big reason why they burn out and age. Physically immortal people know the value of human warmth and adoration and we can't get enough of giving to one another. It keeps us fresh and vibrant with the energy we need to keep living and growing.