Physical immortality is the highest quality life available to anyone with enough intelligence to appreciate that the physical body is not just a bag of bones held together by skin but a finely-tuned, highly sensitive instrument, powerful beyond measure, capable of unlimited transformation and creativity. I am always full of wonder at its intricately perfect design and adaptability.

To perceive the true nature of the flesh is to witness the miracle of organic life. Why is it so hard for people to see that living forever can be the natural outcome of continuous cellular renewal in optimum environmental conditions? Biological physical immortality seems perfectly natural to me because I have experienced first-hand the reality of what the body can do naturally without interference and with great nourishment. Of course, you have to be open to allow this demonstration of life at its very best and a willingness to discover and implement the changes demanded by a higher vibrational state of being. Physical immortality is only for the bold, not for those who are unwilling to step out of the norm.

I met a lady the other evening who was attending her first People Unlimited event. She asked me how long I had been coming to People Unlimited and wanted to know if I attended weekly. When I answered that I went to every event twice weekly and had done so for many years, she was amazed. I explained why we need regular reinforcement and feedback of our biological possibilities to counteract the onslaught of counterproductive information we receive daily from the death-oriented environment around us. We have discovered the secret... that the most important element of all for the immortal body is human nourishment. The untold benefits of the exchange of electrical energy with our fellow immortals is the key to the transformation of our DNA and fuels our desire to want to live forever.