It's a wonderful morning to be physically immortal. I awoke to a beautiful sunny Arizona morning and went outside where it was warm and vibrant green from the newly watered grass. I looked at the mountain and the freshness around me and gave thanks to be alive and feeling so good. I have a wonderful life, full of people with heart and soul and passion for each other and for me. I sent my love and the virtue of my body out to them to draw closer cell for cell and close out any death that lurks in the spaces between us.

I totally believe that death is a disease of separation. The lone identity self struggles through life, doing its best to grab some happiness here and there, trying to beat the odds before it finally succumbs to the inevitable forces of gravity and hopelessness… the human condition you might say. Yes it is… created by humans and passed along to future generations like a nightmare curse, never questioned, always obeyed… until now.
We are refusing it. We are the end of the line for the grim reaper, the beginning of a new world where the flesh is sacred.

People find it hard to believe in physical immortality because it cannot be done. You cannot reason with your mind something that has never existed before. Anybody who created something brand new created it from vision, gut passion, and a drive to push past the limitations laid down by others or even themselves. They did not take no for an answer. We feel that living forever, physical immortality, unlimited life - whatever you want to call it - can be created. It is our choice to make. We believe in ourselves, in the wholeness of the physical body. We experience the natural electricity of the body without limiting programs and feel that physical immortality is an organic result of living free from the prison of the human condition with all its pain and suffering. We experience the power of oneness to lift each other above the gravity of an old worn-out existence and that is why we are a community already existing for you to jump into the flow and move for living in this world.

This is our time! It is time to rise up and claim your life. Claim your powers of creation. Join with others who are going for it too… feel the joy. We are the new world. We have found one another and nothing is ever going to stop us again.