We were talking the other day about how to stay viable and alive and not get moved off the planet by mother nature. For example, with the slowdown that starts to occur when people are past reproductive age and their physical usefulness in question as they head full speed into retirement, mother nature gets the message that people are done living and need to be replaced. I personally question whether physically immortal people are still bound by mother nature's rules. I have a feeling that when we assume ultimate power over our own destiny, we raise ourselves beyond the reach of the whims of a god or mother nature. I don't have a clue if mother nature really cares if I'm out hunting for food or running on a treadmill, or whether I'm sleeping on the couch in front of the TV, but I know that I care. Whether I stay viable in mother nature's system may or may not be important, but I know it's important to me that I'm feeling healthy and well and vital to myself and people around me, that I'm imprinting myself daily in bodies alive.

I happen to think that this planet needs passion desperately, passion for the flesh. While technology has exploded fast and furious and is an achievement of man to be immensely proud of - the opportunity for instant communication around the globe alone is cause for gratitude and wonder, but what of the human beings creating these miracles - where is the human development? It is tragic to me that the unbelievable talent of Whitney Houston or Michael Jackson is preserved forever by technology for future generations but the beautiful bodies that sang their hearts out for such a short time before they were gone forever will never be seen or heard from again. So I believe that human beings who are giving themselves to the exploration of creating the flesh free from death and breaking those barriers of aging, poverty and sickness, are irreplaceably valuable to everyone on this planet to ensure that a new viable human species comes forth to lift the human spirit forever.

All I know is, I'm transforming because it's my nature to do so, not mother nature. It is innate in me and all those who are organically physically immortal to keep changing,developing and going for more. We alone are establishing the ultimate value and need of the body alive, in all its power and glory. With that value irrevocably established, the sky's the limit when it comes to changing this world and raising the quality of life for everyone in it.