Fresh from our big holiday event, we are moving on with our lives, renewed and on fire to discover more of ourselves. Physical immortality is not a state of perfection - it's living with passion and heart in all things; with one another, in our work, in our play, in our desire to live. I am full and overflowing with a deathless life, able to give something to everyone I meet, able to face whatever I need to in the moment to make life better for myself and those around me. I cannot be stopped except by my own self, and I have everything to say about that. Saying no to aging and death every day comes naturally to me, it is who I am organically. It requires energy, being alert and alive, stirring myself to move new all the time. Whatever happens in my life, I keep moving with it because I have heart to live and rise up in this world, a new species, physically immortal, body electric.