We have a favorite saying in our People Unlimited events... I'm feeling a lot. This is a blanket statement covering a multitude of things but generally used when someone is incubating big change in their body. Today I am "feeling a lot" and thankful for it. Being able to feel the internal pressure of change is a good sign of being alive. Most people feel very little because they do not want to be uncomfortable and many go to great lengths to make sure they are well numbed out. They are suppressed, repressed, depressed, oppressed... walking around dead long before they ever actually lay down and stop breathing.

Physically immortal people experience a wake-up out of the sleep of death and that is just the beginning of a whole new life. It is the beginning of "feeling a lot", the beginning of awareness and change, of insights into how a body functions in wholeness without a death sentence on the end of life. It is the beginning of freedom. Physical immortality is a cumulative effect, we are building our future now... just as aging and death are the end result of living a certain way over time. Patterns that lead to aging have to be changed... a belief in immortality is not immortal living. We are physical cellular bodies and our body environment is in constant change.

We have to surrender mental control of our lives and get more in touch with the physical wholeness of gut level living. That cannot be experienced as a lone identity. Our individual self is too small, too limited, no matter how vast an individual might be. We literally need more DNA... more input from people who are organically physically immortal that is; we already have more than enough in the world that would lead us to death. The experience of body electric goes beyond individual boundaries and that is why we meet regularly at People Unlimited. We come together to raise our frequency and speed up our bodies way beyond the dense vibration of death. Besides which, it is very pleasureable to be with people who are not dying... sexy, fun and exciting.

This is a huge subject. Suffice to say, organic physical immortality is a shared experience. When I am feeling a lot I must remember that I am not alone, even my hunger to change is not mine alone, I am feeling the change of many. I am propelled to move. I have an army at my back. I cannot mentally work out how to shift my DNA. I must trust my hunger, stay in the flow of my collective body and move in the moment from my guts, from my soul, knowing that I organically draw to me what I need.

We have another saying at People Unlimited… let go, let go, let go. Let go and live. Let go and be happy. Let go and move.