Calling all you closet immortals out there! The People Unlimited holiday event is in full swing, we just finished day two, but there is plenty of event left. Whatever you are doing with this holiday week, is it allowing you to express your full passionate nature? Or are you hanging out with the family suppressing your aliveness, or with people who think they know you but you don't have the heart to tell them they don't have a clue. Who are you anyway and does anyone around you really care?

Do you hunger for a much bigger life? Are you settling for less than you really want? Do you have a desire to live and not die? Have you ever experienced a divine human touch from a person whose passion is so abandoned they can change your life in an instant? If you have a glimpse of what I am talking about. we are looking for you. Physical immortality is a biological reality right now but if you want it you have to take action. So why not do something you've never done before, something outrageous? How about you just drop whatever you're doing, throw caution to the wind and listen to a complete stranger (me). I'm inviting you to come to Scottsdale and spend the rest of the week with us, all the way through to the New Year. We are the greatest Christmas gift you could ever receive. We are delicious and available for you to jump in and enjoy. You have nothing to lose but your old routine, and everything to gain, more than you could ever imagine...

Personally, I am still blown away by the magnificence of what I am privileged to experience in each and every event, even after 23 years of participation. I have found the best people on the planet and I will never be separate from them. Passion is what drew me, passion is what keeps me here, and passion is my future. The greatest passion you can give someone is to want them to live forever. It goes beyond all the self-centered agendas. We are organically physically immortal and we are burning up all the death in this world so people can live forever free. Unleash your passion with us and feel the joy... I promise you, you will never look back.

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