I am feeling so nourished. It is a feeling deep in the core of my being of safety and relaxation, a covering of my flesh like a warm blanket, knowing I am loved and felt and appreciated. I feel lifted, encouraged and propelled. I feel healthy, rested, energized and connected. These are some of the benefits of living physically immortal right now, free of death.

I believe I am feeling this in particular this week because we took a time of silence together the other evening in our People Unlimited event to feel our power to give to one another and make a difference in each other's lives, to send out our energy and passion in a focused way. I love doing this because I have experienced the potency of immortal intention, some would call it prayer. The diference with us is that we go direct to the cells and atoms of one another's bodies because we find deathless flesh to be divine. We do not pray to a nameless god or an impersonal universe, we call upon one another. Our focus together is like a laser beam that has the power to pierce through the death barrier, vanquishing negative conditions in our lives. We can look each other in the eyes and give thanks for the freedom we experience.

My favorite part of the week is when Jim Strole sends us home from the events with his "Bless you all and good night." I wait for that and I take it all the way to my core because his blessing is given with all his heart and soul, with an intimate and personal feeling for each one of us to have everything our heart desires. It is yet another reminder that living physically immortal is not about a long future, it is about passion and wholeness right now, and when you feel that kind of joy you will never want to bring it to an end.