Organic physical immortality is the most profound biological experience a human being can have. It is the only way to shift the DNA to make lasting physical changes, the only way to really make a difference in your own life or anyone else's. Everything else is a temporary fix until worse things come down the pipeline; believe me, death is a multi-headed hydra that is extremely creative in its ways to take a body down. Unless people claim their physical immortality biologically with others, no amount of knowledge will be enough to stem the tide of death attacks. People are sitting ducks, wide open and helpless, never knowing where or when it's going to strike next.

I am once again reminded of the futility of trying to solve problems by myself from a mental place. Why I still slip back into that small place unconsciously is unfathomable to me when so much help is available for me not to go there, but it still happens sometimes. It is a deep pattern in human beings to withdraw into self; we have been programmed for eons of time in separation. Now is the first time that an experience of collective oneness is biologically available and I am not going to miss the benefits of that. I allow myself to be lifted out of my self-imposed limitations and stirred to get quickly back into the flow where I am a vast collective individual.

Staying in the flow of the deathless strand of people experiencing their organic physical immortality together is a powerful happening. It pumps new life-blood into the tissues that carries the knowledge of each person to the changes that are needed in the individual. Death and limitation are swept away in the life energy of the whole. Immortals are bodies electric and we need immortal food. The human virtue that pours from our soul is what gives us life. Even a truckful of the best nutrients and vitamins will not keep us alive forever. Although the scientists are doing great work in the field of anti-aging, we cannot wait for their products. The scientists themselves need human nourishment to keep moving for what they envision for the future. We must be the future now or the future will not be there for us.