I have chosen to live a nourishing life. I have chosen to align myself with the greatest geniuses on the planet, so I think that qualifies me as a genius too! It's no small thing to go for the most evolved and intelligent life you can possibly have, and that is physical immortality. We're not afraid to be different from most people. We don't care if public opinion judges us crazy, because we are already reaping the benefits of a blessed life. That's where it gets real, we already feel so much better than most other people in this world. That's not ego talking, it's just physical. We have a sparkle in the eyes and a glow on our flesh that is unmistakeable. Just walk into one of our events and tell me if you don't experience an atomic energy that you've never felt before.

Physically immortal people feel a deep love that comes from the soul being filled up. We have more than just optimism about the future, we feel a safety in our core that comes from knowing that we are not victims subject to the whims of fate but are creators of life and can bring about what we hunger for. We have a fire in the belly and people, Jim and Bernie, whose genius is to keep building that fire higher and hotter all the time, who will never stop or even slow down. They are always an open invitation to others to throw their logs on that fire and together we burn out all death! It's an exciting and excellent living if you are open and not so invested in your life structures that you are afraid to let go and feel something beyond what you already know. If there is any kind of rumbling down deep in your soul, maybe a spark of revolution or perhaps a vague remembrance that there was supposed to be something more to life, I'm here to tell you you're right. Those feelings are real and need to be explored. There really are people who can answer your prayers and give you more glory than you ever dreamed of. I have personally experienced this; that is why I can speak about it. At one time I had no idea that people would give me what I hungered for. I didn't even know what I was looking for… I just knew I wanted more.

Thank you Bernie and Jim, the geniuses who have clothed me in immortal flesh and breathed life into me that I may live forever with them and everyone who has the guts to go for it. Physical organic immortality is our birthright, it is the future.