Physical organic immortality, unleashing the body electric, stirring the fire within, experiencing being the almighty... all current topics in our recent People Unlimited events. It has been so exciting! We just keep getting better all the time. Where else on the planet would you find such things up for public discussion? And not only discussed, but explored and embodied in daily living movement and manifestation. We are all about the physical, bringing our dreams and aspirations into true reality, creating a life worth living for, letting that override all the death urges imprinted in the body.

I am so thankful for the people in my life who constantly demonstrate a higher life to me, living physically immortal, free of death right now. What a great gift they give me every day, always reminding me that I can change everything, that I am the power and the almighty in my life, that I can and should live with passion and inspiration every day. When I am in touch with what nourishes my soul and I focus on that, lesser thoughts and feelings do not occupy me so much and I have endless energy to do more of what stirs my body electric. Thinking about physical immortality is not going to keep me alive, but moving in a way that brings rest to my nervous system will. The nervous system is all knowing, the sounding board of the body. You cannot escape its truth,the impact on the body happens quickly when you're physically immortal. It's not about being perfect but it is about living my conscience. I can feel if I'm sluggish or not giving my best in any situation,or if I'm being careless with myself or someone else, and I am troubled until I move in a more quality way. I love that, even though it can be very uncomfortable at times, it stirs me to action. I must live real, I must embody being physically immortal. Philosophy does not nourish me, but feeling great physically does, and having an overflow to give to others makes me feel really alive.

Physical immortality is a straight and narrow way, but not because there are rules imposed upon us. It is the body itself that cries out to be free and demands clean, healthy living. Being real and moving true to my higher life is what gives me the greatest rest and brings me a deep joy. And since I am not a lone identity, what is truly nourishing to me also builds everyone around me.