How do you get a new start when you need one? Can you forgive yourself for past mistakes and move on without guilt or recrimination? Or is there a price to pay? If you're physically immortal, each moment and each new decision is a fresh beginning, a chance to move differently. It's a wonderful way to live. When you have a future to create, there is no time to waste in failure, just new opportunities to be different. To me that is true love, having a light touch with myself and others, a passion for the flesh that goes to the core.

Jim Strole said recently, find out what makes you feel really alive and eliminate everything else. Organic immortality is not a new belief system, it is a nurturing of new life in the body that brings about biological changes. Every choice we make counts, it either builds our life energy or drains it. I am choosing to go for that which stirs my feeling of forever and reminds me that I am unlimited. I am so grateful that I am with people who stir my soul, that we can lift each other to be full of joy in the midst of so much death around us. If your purpose is physical immortality you need to be built. We are a new species and we need the nourishment of our own kind to grow. Our home is our flesh, our home is one another.