What a wonderful and stirring time we all enjoyed together this last weekend at our monthly People Unlimited event. Over three days of blissful togetherness, we celebrated being physically immortal, laughed, cried, expressed ourselves into new living, and stirred each other to more abandoned soul movement than ever before. I love that we are claiming our entire physical body in all its sacred glory and taking back what is rightfully ours, to be the truly noble human beings that we were born to be.

It seems to me that religion stole the soul of man, took charge of the deeper, so-called "spiritual" realm of the body, and told people that the spirited movement of their flesh came from god. The promise of immortality was relegated to a separate soul which could only be free after death when it returned to god, leaving an afterlife as the only option to experience anything lasting. Of course the pain of death was eased with the hope of seeing loved ones again later.

As physically immortal people we are busy exploring life before death, not life after death. We are taking responsibility to create heaven on earth now. We are people who are not waiting for death to lead us to a better place; in fact, we totally reject death as an answer to anything. We dare to face the reality that death is the end of all things, not a beginning, that it is not beautiful and is not our friend. Above all, we embrace the reality that death can be completely eliminated from the body like any other sickness.

Claiming the wholeness of our flesh is key. Receiving that everything is generated from the physical body, we elevate ourselves to heights that others have reserved only for the gods. We celebrate our divinity. We bless each other from the depths of our soul. We hold nothing back from one another. We show our insides, we love without fear, we move without restraints or suppression. We enjoy the uniqueness of each person and celebrate our differences. This all out living without controls, unleashing the body electric, is what washes away all forms of separation and unites body, mind and soul. Thus we can function as whole and healthy individuals and collectively with one another. One immortal species, many faces, moving together to build a new world that we can all enjoy.

I'm happy to report that my soul is very much alive, feeling deeply touched and moved by my profoundly beautiful human connections. If there were a god I believe he would be pleased!