I'm really excited because we're in the first full day of the People Unlimited weeklong summer event, the largest gathering of people on the planet today dedicated and serious about living physical immortality now. If you want to feel really alive, we are the best place you could possibly be this week. If living free of death is your priority, there is nowhere else that you could expose yourself to more impact of immortal energy, insight and inspiration than where immortals are gathering together with purpose. If you're tired of dying or living around people with nothing to offer you and feel in your guts there has to be more, I urge you to drop everything you've got going on this week and be here in Scottsdale with us. There's nothing you could possibly do that's more important for your life right now than to put yourself on the cutting edge of the highest evolution on this planet today and discover your powers as a physically immortal body.

Physical immortality is organic, we are a new species. We are drawn by an irresistible urge in our bodies, our hunger draws us to each other because we hear the sound of our life. Environment is everything. We cannot be on the fence. If we are not actively building a different life, resonating with other deathless bodies, we will be consumed by all the death on the planet. Death is also a powerful force, it too moves in one accord in bodies - human energy will always build something and the agreement in death is as strong as all the people that believe in it, like 100% until us! We must decide which power to align ourselves with, there is no in between. Living or dying - that's the choice. One way or another, it will be effective. It always amazes me how the death chemistry sounds the same, looks the same and feels the same, no matter which person it comes out of, no matter what age or nationality - resistance sounds the same in any language and says the same things. When people leave us, the mental arguments and reasons are always the same - BORING!!!

Physically immortal people move from the guts. You cannot learn physical immortality, you have to experience it to be who you are. You cannot fake it, you have to feel and be real... organic flesh. It is a glorious experiencing, I would wish it on everyone, but if no-one else is listening I'm thankful that I'm alive and moving. Expansion can be difficult sometimes of course, and challenging, but is it as painful as dying? I don't think so! Anything wonderful and worth having requires effort. But you could not make enough money in a whole lifetime to buy the rewards that we reap together constantly, every day - the joy, the excitement, the intimacy and above all the nourishment for the soul. The most loving person in the world could not give you that. It is only to be found in opening to human beings free of death.

I'm off to my event now, hope to see you there if you dare to give yourself the best.