Living physical immortality now, caring about yourself enough to not let yourself die is a huge reality. Not many people feel they have much, if any, power to make a difference with anything big. For the most part, the human experience is very limited, very narrow. Living abundantly is left to the realm of a few "successful" people on the planet, the ultra-talented, the visionaries, the super-athletes, the richest, most outgoing, most beautiful and most brainy ... Everyone else pretty much accepts their lot in life, the cards they were dealt at birth - make enough money to pay the bills, raise a family, try not to get sick, eventually get old (if you're lucky enough to live that long) and die.

I am disgusted with that life. I will never accept it. I hate pain and I hate death. I hate watching it consume beautiful bodies while they are alive. I hate it even more for people that have woken up to their physical immortality but are still experiencing overlapping from the limitations they were either born with or picked up along the way. That is why we need to join together in our common purpose like never before. We have huge transformation to experience to stay ahead of death. We cannot wait for science, even though there is much happening in that field and great hope for future technologies to extend life way beyond the lifespans of today, and that supposedly not very far off. Jim and Bernie even say, "Live long enough to live forever" with that in mind... makes sense to me. But I also hear a lot about wars and revolutions, global warming, natural disasters, starvation, terrorism, poverty and crime. If science came up with "the pill" tomorrow to make us all live forever, I know that human beings would find a million other ways to die. Unless we flush the death programming out of our bodies it will find a way to work.

That is why what we are doing at People Unlimited is so revolutionary, it is a complete approach to living free of death. Be healthy, take care of the body - of course, we do everything cutting edge we know to do, we embrace what science has to offer us. But also we delve into the deep human conditioning, the barriers to living free, the silent separations between one another. We expose the lies of the ego, and we face the fears. This deep work takes a lot of energy and no lone identity is ever going to make these kind of changes. Without a larger life to live these changes aren't necessary anyway, only if you want to be physically immortal. The connection with one another is where the atomic energy is, plugging into the power source of our bodies together. The human connection is what has been missed all along. This is where death will finally fall. Human touch, human honesty, human caring are the missing ingredients - here we find answers to our individual questions, with other people who do not share our personal roadblocks. We can bring an end to each other's suffering and limitations if we are available for this kind of intimacy, to live our lives out in the open, and come out of the caves of existence into the light and warmth of human passion.

When we end self-centeredness, we feel a joy that we have never known before. I have personally experienced this so much. There is nothing like giving to someone else to make you feel really alive and truly happy. The self is like a big black hole, you keep feeding it and feeding it and it just needs more and more, until it finally swallows you up into oblivion. I am determined I am not going into the night. The experience that as unique individuals we are valuable and irreplaceable has healing power, but only if you are part of a living breathing whole that demands your presence biologically - Mother Nature certainly doesn't give a crap about you!