Physical immortality is outrageous living. I love that word outrageous, it covers so much -- outrageous movement, outrageous change, outrageous letting go. Living physical immortality is outrageous everything -- especially outrageous fun, as was had by all on Saturday night at the People Unlimited Charities special event, the 2011 Womanless Beauty Pageant held at the Scottsdale Hilton Resort. Seventeen gorgeous physically immortal guys transformed themselves into glamorous???!!! women for an evening of sparkle and craziness to raise lots of laughs and even more money for charity.

As with everything else that physically immortal people do, nothing was held back on the night and the show was a hilarious success and a thoroughly elegant affair, from the decorations, to the food, to the music, to the spectacle on stage. The guys spared no expense to thrill us with their colorful evening gowns, hair and make-up, and they left everything on the catwalk when it came to the parade of talent. Never was there such a display of gyrating, prancing, flirtatious female energy as our gorgeous physically immortal guygals put out there. No-one was too sexy, too ridiculous, or too over-the-top for this crowd. All were met with wild cheering and belly laughs -- the more outrageous they were, the louder we got. And the dollars were flowing during the intermission as we all stuffed their purses and dresses to vote with our money for the people's favorite ... all for the full-out joy and abandonment that such an event could offer us.

And when it came to announcing the winners, none of the ladies could be suppressed from showing their disagreement with who had the best legs or who was the most beautiful -- they were all winners in their own eyes! And in case the audience was in any doubt, we were treated to yet another jostling parade down the catwalk, each of them trying to outdo the others to convince us all that the judges had definitely got it wrong! However, I have to say that the actual queen of the night was so sexy in his divine hot pink evening gown and moved those hips with such skill that a lot of the real women in the room were more than a little turned on and jealous at the same time! Of course, one of my personal favorites, Star-Moon "Galaxy" Essence was robbed of a title ... not even an honorable mention. Well, there's always next year... you can't keep true talent down!

The mission statement of the People Unlimited Charities is: "To end separation between people in order to create an environment that supports unlimited living." True to our mission of ending separation between people, everyone was invited to join in the fun -- People Unlimited members, "brave" members of the public with nothing to lose but some tightness and a few dollars for charity in exchange for the warmth and welcome of physically immortal people who lavished them with open arms, as well some representatives from the Tumbleweed Youth Center who were the recipients of the proceeds from this fabulous event, to benefit the homeless kids that they rescue from the streets of Phoenix. If you don't have a home or food to eat, it's hard to think about physical immortality, and we want to give as many people as possible the chance to live free from death.

I love being physically immortal and being outrageous, it's the best and only way to live. I encourage you -- don't live separate in this world, jump into the fun! We'll take each other to new places.