I am rolling with money this week. No, not rolling IN money - I wish!! - but rolling with it... stirring about it, thinking about it, dreaming about it.

As you may have guessed, money has been the topic of our last two People Unlimited events. It is always an exciting and challenging topic for me personally, because I haven't yet made a lot of money in my life. But I keep moving, I keep growing, knowing that as a physically immortal person nothing is left out of my living. I cannot be death-free and poor forever, any more than I can be without good health or energy. The whole point of being physically immortal is that we are a life in progress. We are about movement, change, quantum leaps, feeling the joy of our life even when everything is not "perfect" or as we would like it to be. Above all, having no death on the end of my life, I have a future that I am building now in every moment, and I never give up on myself. I am a successful person already, with or without money. I am no longer using money to measure my success, and that leaves me free and unencumbered to go for it like never before, from a whole place not a lack. I don't need money because I am poor, I need money because I am physically immortal. I need money because I have a huge purpose and I am inspired. This week I am celebrating being on purpose with Jim Strole. I feel so happy, so needed in this world, and everything I do is taking me where I need to go the next moment. My life is in spontaneous generation, moving from my gut. Even this blog is part of my drive to be a person that draws to me everything I have need of in my life.

I was struck even more than usual in these last events by the difference of money in the hands of physically immortal people and money as part of the death-oriented system. We are a new species and as obviously different with our money as we are with everything else. If you want a treat, come and experience prosperous people who are sexy with money, generous with money. Money with integrity, clean money, alive money, money that people aren't killing themselves or others to make... money made from inspiration, from rewarding work not hard work. Inspiration is energizing, not draining, and many of our people are tapping into working that way and making huge amounts of money.

Physically immortal people are potent with money. They have stories that will touch your soul. I am experiencing in my gut that immortal money goes a long way and even a few passionate people can change our world as we know it. Our money is going to build a new environment for many people so they can stop suffering and start thriving... forever.

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