I've had a busy week. Bernie once said she was too busy to die. What a great thing that is, I'm too busy to die. Too busy living to slow down and die. I love to move and be about the business of my life. Being physical immortal there is always much to feel, much to be done, much to change, much to let go of. It is definitely a full life and I love it, I couldn't live any other way. I love that there are so many people moving with me, that I can feel them and give to them every day. I love that I just got 10 facebook messages this morning from beautiful people wishing me a happy birthday. Just a little thing you might say, but each one of those people has a special feeling for me and I for them, so it is so much more than just a birthday greeting. They are in my life forever, they are lifting me up when they think of me, and I am doing the same for them. They love me and want me soaring. I can never be too happy, too rich, too brilliant or too beautiful for them. That's very special.

We are there for one another through all our deep changes to be whole and healthy, free from death. Sometimes it takes a lot and we need help. Last weekend I was privileged to witness some masterful work by Jim and Bernie and others with different ones of our people, helping them to break through deep genetic programming, limiting patterns of separation and abuse, and shining the light on a new way for them to live without pain and struggle. It was absolutely amazing to see people melting down years and generations' worth of armoring in moments, receiving more benefits in a half-hour of intense focus than they could have got from years of counseling therapy that they would have paid thousands of dollars for and still wouldn't have made the biological shifts that I saw happen last weekend. And I was there, giving to the real life drama that was unfolding in front of me. I was part of the energy that was bringing about the change, making a difference, so their healing was my healing, their freedom my freedom, their light at the end of the tunnel was the same light shining on dark places in my own body. What a way to live; what a generous, abundant, vast, connected way to go. When one gets bigger, we all get bigger. I feel very grateful to participate in the most physically rewarding and vibrant movement of human beings ever to take place on this planet. Physical immortality is indeed a new species of flesh and I can say today that I am a successful person because I know who I am and I'm living true to myself.