In our recent events we have been talking about the differences between believing in physical immortality and actually living a physically immortal life. Once we have woken up to the fact that death does not have to be the inevitable outcome of being born, then the real life begins. It's like opening the door to a new world. Kevin Brown talks about it like a computer being upgraded with a new operating system. We have to delete the old programs because they will not work with the new system, they slow it down and corrupt it. Physical immortality is a very sophisticated high speed system and once you change to it you can never go back to the old, you become used to quality and everything else is primitive. As we evolve to a higher life, the death life starts to look like a dinosaur. We have to let it all go and let ourselves be made over to a new way of being. Everything will change because everything about living physical immortality is different. It is a change of consciousness, a change of body, a change of interaction, a change of priorities. I'm not just talking about self-development or becoming a better person, that's just more of the old system, I am talking about rewriting human DNA, a biological shift from death to immortality.

The implications of being physical immortal are enormous and it is certainly a responsible life. For one thing, it is not going to be achieved with everyone running around as a lone identity reinventing the wheel. To change our world inside and out is going to take a vast amount of focused human energy, literally a body of experience, for all of us to individually make the changes we need to make to stay alive and evolve. There is power in togetherness, human beings have always known that, but mostly that power has been abused because the minds were full of death. But imagine people coming together with no possibility for evil, only for nourishment, health and joy, to build a life worth living forever for - would you want to be on board for that? That's what I love about being physically immortal - it's only going to happen organically, the body can only thrive with living emotions and thoughts running through the cells. Evil thoughts, hate and darkness can only produce destruction for the flesh and will ultimately bring a body down, so to think that evil can live forever makes no sense; corruption kills. When you experience physical immortality in your gut, the change is on, a new conscience is activated, life takes on new meaning and the heart begins to open. The rest is in the unknown, to be explored together moment by moment, that's the great adventure - but the outcome is assured, we are the creators and we know what we want.

I welcome you to my higher life - it tastes good!