And so here I am….stretching, exercising and yes, you might say in some way following the guidance of a “physical” therapist. The term is very appropriate for the three of whom I speak…Bernie, Jim and Chuck. I clearly see this aspect in them.

I am stretching my vocal cords, exercising my mind and moving my body in an entirely new way. I acknowledge that to complete physical immortality I must have a ”full range of motion”. There can be no encumbrances, no hindrances, and no limitations. Not only must my body be in top working condition, but the expression of who I am must also be fully alive. There is no freedom in lacking the ability to say everything…to speak about my life without hesitation…without fear of consequence. Even the very opportunity to say what I am feeling in the moment cannot be suppressed. I must not allow suppression to have its deadly grip on me; so I break free in unlimited movement. And I feel that we owe it to each other as physically immortal people to move openly. What kind of life am I living if I cannot fully express myself? Whose life am I living? It can’t be my own. It would have to be in the image of something…or someone. Nothing is greater for me than to have the freedom of full range of motion. This is who I am.  Is this who you are?