I am physically immortal. Ok, I said it, and I feel that or I wouldn't say it, but what really counts is when I can say, I feel no death operating in me. There is a huge difference, and that difference is what we are all focusing on together at People Unlimited right now. Making it real. Making it physical. Being healthy, staying healthy. Being really alive, not just thinking about it. Waking up every morning ready to take on the world, feeling energetic, excited about a new day to bring about our heart's desires, make a difference, spread the joy, and leave the past and all its mistakes behind. Yes, there are people that really live that way. It is more than possible, it is a must if you're physically immortal. It is a must for me. I am my physical immortality. It does not come from Jim or Bernie or any of the people in our community, although I am inspired by the people in my life on a constant basis, they are beyond wonderful. I am the one that has to face the truth of how I am doing in my own life, how well things are going or not, how much freedom I am experiencing.

What is so great is the body does not lie. If we are not in denial, we know when we are facing death, all the signals are there, and we also feel when it is behind us and we have made a shift in our DNA to never go back there again. By death, I mean on a day-to-day basis blockages in our movement, anything that comes up that is contrary to that clear feeling of freedom in our form. It could be anything, any time - a sickness, a limitation of some kind, a stuck emotional state, a lack, sluggishness, resistance to someone else, a dug-in feeling. All of it I call death - maybe not the final laying down where we don't wake up again, but the death on a daily basis over 20, 30, 40, 100 years which leads us down that dark path. It is these things that must be conquered and sealed out. We must be delivered from evil, like the prayer says, but there is no god that is going to do it for us. We have taken back our power from a god outside and put it where it rightfully belongs, to ourselves. I have the power to deliver myself from the genetics of death and duality and live who I really am, physically immortal, a new species of human being here to manifest a beautiful life free from destruction of all kinds. I answer to my inner self and cannot hide from what the voice inside is telling me.

I am feeling today that I cannot "change" my weaknesses because they have aeons of history behind them from previous generations that have failed, but I can birth myself out from them and into the light of my endless life and be a new person who does not tell the same old story. Now is the moment to do this, not tomorrow, not next week or next year. It will not get any easier to cut the ties that bind - death is cumulative just as living is, and it does not wait while I am not willing to face fears, or I am feeling laid back, helpless, resentful or sentimental, whatever may be the blockage of the moment. Death is galloping on at a ruthless pace while I am creating billions of new cells to carry that memory, and I must rise up with all the energy of our collective body moving in me that I experience the victory in my flesh.

I am speaking this out today strongly to stir myself to live my word and be true to you, so I am not here today and gone tomorrow ... but am relentlessly physically immortal, unstoppable, moving on with you .... forever.