“Awakening Physical Immortality”…why that name? The reason, perhaps not an obvious choice for many, would be that it completely describes me. Not only where I am today...the next moment…tomorrow…next week…but also, where I have been. And what does physical immortality mean, anyway? The physical body can live forever? Yes. Never dying? Yes.

So how does one awaken to physical immortality? Do you just get out of bed one morning, drag yourself clumsily to the bathroom to pee and have an epiphany? Wow…I am physically immortal! Not likely. Yet there does exist a feeling of something great inside you. This feeling over time through many experiences becomes clearer and greater in your body. Discovering the undiscoverable is a lost cause to many, but not to you. The effort is not in vain. The drive, the conviction, the passion to never give up pushes you forward. So on that ONE day when you meet that ONE person (for me, Charles Brown) who declares “death will not overtake me”, in an instant the discovery is made. The realization of you….who you are…and your purpose happens. Like a volcano erupting with great force; no longer able to control the stirring in its belly, the lid is blown off. Uncontrollably, an aliveness gushes from your depths. And the secret language of the body begins to reveal itself to you; a mystery hidden for centuries in the ancient tombs. With a quantum leap, you are transported away from a world permeated with death, strangled with despair and swallowed up in darkness. You AWAKEN from the slumber of your own body.
In that magical second the momentum begins. My first desire is to move to be with those who share the same passion. And don’t let anyone kid you. Environment IS everything! Hang out with happy people…experience happiness. Hang out with sad people…see how happy you remain. Hang out with the living and see how alive you become! This is physical immortality. You can never be too alive….never too much! And the awakening is forever, never ending, always more….endless…like me.