Yesterday afternoon as I was driving home to rest and then get ready for our nightly meeting event, I was thinking of all the week events and how busy I had been. I had to deal with many things this week around my business and I just felt that all that time spent with customers and workers and vendors, etc. was not my focus, not at all. My focus is my physical body, and then, I started feeling my body, its design and its responses. The physical body is so noble and graceful. I have a feeling of it that is immense. Jim Strole always says, " the right environment anybody can prosper and change whatever needs to be changed..." That is so true! I have been lately focusing in my physical body in a very intense way, and the results are amazing. It thrills me to feel who I am, the real Ana.
It all comes from the body and the mind, the brain, are part of the physical body. I am letting the intelligence of my whole body speak and I am listening to it. The body needs to be fed well, have clean thoughts, feel other physical immortal bodies as your own, be so flexible and open, melt into others... The more I give to my body what I know is right, the clearer its sound, the better I hear it, the more free I am. This is my freedom, I am Physical Immortality. I free myself breaking through my own physical body. My dearest Bernie always tells us "It is all about the body". Yes Bernie, yes world... I am Physical Immortality, a living proof of a deathless body!